Black and White's response to the lack of reinforcements at Colo Colo: "We trust the workforce and the appearance of the youth"


Colo Colo was unable to add the names wanted by his coach, Gustavo Quinteros, with just over a week to go before Cacique’s Copa Sudamericana debut against mighty Internacional Porto Alegre.

Three of the four U21s who played for Colo Colo in the goalless draw with Temuco were substituted in the second half
© summer campThree of the four U21s who played for Colo Colo in the goalless draw with Temuco were substituted in the second half

If anything was clear in the first half of Colo Colo it was that, if the team wants to be transcendent at national and international level, they need a thicker squad and weight alternatives so that Gustavo Quinteros can help define the moments. The Whites have gone from plus to minus and have only two wins in the last ten official matches.

But the needs of the popular team coach have not been met. In yesterday’s duel against Deportes Temuco, at the start of the second half, but even more so thinking about the Copa Sudamericana debut in nine days against Internacional de Porto Alegre, Colo Colo didn’t announce their expected additions.

In this sense, the president of Blanco y Negro, Alfredo Stöhwing, has recognized that the delay is due, in part, to the will of Martín Rodríguez. “We waited until the end and I think we waited a lot. It hurt us to have seen other alternatives, but it was a name that Quinteros was excited about. We tried and it didn’t. didn’t work,” explained the hierarch.

In any case, the director warned that “we are constantly looking for alternatives. We have several things in the pipeline, but we don’t see a lot of drama either, we have a great team”, he pointed out, before to ask that the door be opened to young players: although yesterday they did not show much in Copa Chile.

Colo Colo will bet on the career if the reinforcements do not arrive

Colocolino president Alfredo Stöhwing didn’t make much of the team’s prospects in terms of signings for the second half. He assured that the management will not make “irresponsibilities” and that the alternative of adding more protagonists to the Cacique’s youth projects should be considered.

“The coach has suggested names to us and as far as possible, with full responsibility, we will try to do so. If the reinforcements do not arrive, we trust the squad and the appearance of the youth” , underlined the owner of the concessionaire upstream of a second half of definitions.

In this sense, Stöhwing also blamed bad luck, regarding the frustrated hiring of Ramiro González, who failed the medical examination. “We almost had a central defender ready and for last minute reasons it didn’t work out. We didn’t stay because of an attempt, everything was done responsibly with the greatest of efforts, but we we’re not going to be irresponsible,” said the helmsman.

Can anyone go? The options that have appeared on players like Cristián Zavala and Joan Cruz don’t worry the management either. “We are happy with the team and we don’t want anyone to leave, although obviously if a very important offer arrives that benefits the player, we will consider it,” warned the president of the Cacique.

However, he finally clarified that “the ideal is that we stay with the team we have”, and surely an incorporation for the Copa Sudamericana debut on Thursday, June 28 against Internacional de Porto Alegre, at the Monumental stadium. A challenge to which Colo Colo, so far, will not arrive with everything necessary.

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