Carmen Gloria Arroyo and her separation: “Fifteen years ago, I left a house where I didn’t know how I was going to pay for school, nor the rent, and I didn’t have the money to pay the ‘electricity…”

Carmen Gloria Arroyo y su separación: «Hace quince años salí de una casa donde no sabía cómo iba a pagar el colegio, ni el arriendo, y no tenía plata para pagar la luz…»

Author: Glamorama Team / June 19, 2022

“When I separated, and I was with my three children, I had a lot of shortcomings that people already know, economic,” says Carmen Gloria Arroyo.

The lawyer and face of Carmen Gloria a tu Servicio, on TVN, said she married the father of her three children when she was 26 and they separated thirteen years later.

This weekend, Arroyo was one of the guests of the chapter of Podemos Hablar presented by Chilevisión, where they programmed the central theme of the film La Vida es Bella in the background.

Then the host, Jean Philippe Cretton, asked “why do you like this song?” This is the dialogue that started:

Carmen Gloria Arroyo: “Oh, because many times I felt it was the soundtrack of my own life”

Jean-Philippe Creton: “Because?”

Flow: “Because when I separated, and I was with my three children, I had a lot of deficiencies that people already know, mainly economic. But I didn’t want to transmit my anguish and my grief to my children, and I know that’s what many families in Chile experience when they go through a difficult time.

“That’s why I advocate so strongly that the show not pass on our dramas to our children. They don’t have to go through those bad times.

“So everything that happened to me turned into stories. Once they cut off our electricity because we hadn’t paid the common charges, a lot of things. I said to my children “I had all this done so that we could play in the shadows”. And we played shadows until they got bored. They were small”

Creton: “But it has a very heavy burden on one, because right now you are dressing up as a superhero to solve this situation. But inevitably there comes a situation where you go to bed, they’re in bed, and you’re like… has this happened to you?

Flow: “It happened to me. I started planning…I was coming home from work, I was staying in the parking lot and I was venting there. I cried there. And I got in as best I could, to be with my children, because I had the obligation and the duty that I was well and that they saw me well. And the most important way for your children to be well is that they see well.

“If you’re not well and you don’t give them that security, it’s going to be hard for you to have it. It was what had to be done at that time.

Creton: “How deep was this crisis? Beyond the emotional, which you are now describing. But economically, what did you miss and what did it cost you?

Flow: “Everything. Paying the bills, buying for day to day, paying for school. And there’s a situation that’s very hard to deal with, when you’re also having a good time, because I’ve had a good time. moment when I was married, in my relationship, because you are involved in a life system that is difficult to put on the handbrake and it is difficult to get out of there.

“So you don’t have much help either. When you are in other conditions, you can turn to other organizations, institutions. This is not the case. You gotta hang around alone with what you got and what you can”

Creton: “Was there a time when you found yourself feeding your children? »

Flow: “Yes, it happened to me. And a few days ago I had a super deep checkup in an unexpected moment. I went to drop off my daughter who was going on exchange for a few days and coming back from the airport. I I have another one of my daughters in another exchange. Years have passed. My eldest daughter is 26, the other 22.

“They make dreams come true. They have opportunities that I wish other kids had, but are unreachable for most in this country. And I’m not ashamed of them, because they are the fruit of my efforts and my sacrifice, of my work.

“But it’s inevitable to think that fifteen years ago I left a house where I didn’t know how I was going to pay for school, or how I was going to pay rent, and I had no money to pay for electricity. And now I’m in another position.”

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