Genshin Impact: All New Events in Version 2.7 (II) - Dreams in the Deep

We have a new cast of events related to Deep Dreams version 2.7 for Genshin Impact, one of the sets where we will be able to obtain a multitude of bonuses such as characters and weapons after the first batch.

And it is that the development team always warns in advance of the different events that we have available in the next few days for Genshin Impact, and that thanks to them we will be able to obtain a multitude of characters, elements and bonus that we can thank later.

For you to see much more clearly, we offer the complete list of all new events in Dreams in the Deep (II) 2.7 version for Genshin Impact.


Genshin Impact – Kuki Shinobu Gameplay Trailer

Genshin Impact: All New Events in Version 2.7 (II) – Dreams in the Deep

Gachapon fight oni

  • Available from June 21 to July 12

This increases the chance of getting the exclusive five-star character named Arataki Itto while increasing the chance of getting four-star characters like Kuki Shinobu, Chongyun, and Gorou.

Divine Incarnation of Gachapon

  • From June 21 to July 12

Increased chance of getting five-star exclusive weapons such as Red Horn Sword and Earth Lock.

As for four-star weapons, it increases the chance of getting the Stone Sword, Lion’s Roar, Dragon’s Bane, Sacrificial Memories, and Last Chord.

Legendary Quest – Encounters: Part 6

Genshin Impact
  • Permanently available from June 21

Once you have reached Adventure Rank 40 or higher, completed the Legendary Arataki Itto Soul of Gold quest, and completed the Act II Intermediate Archon quest “Dangerous Paths”, you will be able to use the Legendary Key to unlock the meet. Shinobu.

Note that as soon as you reach Adventure Rank 26, you will be able to unlock the encounter feature. On the other hand, the legendary key is obtained by completing daily tasks, and you can get a legendary key for every eight tasks completed.

Event: A Muddy Adventure

  • Available from June 22 to July 4

As a prerequisite, you must have reached Adventure Rank 28 or higher; Completed the World Quest “Seven Star Rocky Keys” and unlocked “The Chasm Underground Mines”.

They also ask you to have obtained the channeler of light in the world quest called “Cavers of the Chasm” and in addition to having reinforced it to level 2.

During the event, you need to go to the chasm mining lanes and help the scholar solve the dark slime threat by clearing the lanes. You can get rewards like Protogems, Hero Devices, Talent Enhancement Materials, Mystical Refinement Minerals and more.

mechanical manufacturing event

  • Available from June 29 to July 11

As requirements, they require having reached Adventure Rank 30 or higher; also completed the quest Ritou’s Escape Plan from the Immutable Goddess and Eternal Utopia, and the world quest “The Letter from Chisato”.

In the event that you need to help the toy merchant gather the materials needed to make test items and thus get cashback coupons. Then we can use these redemption coupons to get exclusive robotic decorations.

Also, if we complete the designated challenges, we will get bonuses such as Protogems, hero devices, weapon ascension materials, blackberries and much more.

Event: Ley Line Flood

Genshin Impact
  • Available from July 4 to July 11

As requirements, you must have revitalized Wealth Flower or Revelation Flower.

During this event, you must successfully challenge a Wealth Flower or Revelation Flower and consume Original Resin to get double rewards.

If necessary more ayuda con Genshin Impact, aquí te contamos as solver el puzzle de la mazmorra de Hu Tao, todo lo que debes saber sobre el báculo de Homa, as to fabricar una linterna celeste y donde están los materials, en que consiste el rito de Flash light.

You will also learn how to get more scarlet agate, how to solve the puzzle of metal plates on the ground, how to play with friends and unlock co-op mode, unlock the ever cold tree, where to find all scarlet agates, how to to unlock the Peak of Vindagnyr estate.

You are also told which ones, where the Stone Forest of Guyun is, where to find collectors (required for the hunting dagger), how the system for improving characters, weapons and artifacts works…

Also how to get crystal, iron and tinplate, how to get free Protogems in Genshin Impact and farm Mora, how the character, weapon and artifact upgrade system works and everything you need to know to start play in the best possible way.

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