Jaime Vera analyzes Colo Colo’s draw against Deportes Temuco and says: ‘Pablo Solari affects the team’

Jaime Vera analyzes Colo Colo's draw against Deportes Temuco and says: 'Pablo Solari affects the team'

The Cacique drew against Deportes Temuco for the Chilean Cup, an issue which left everyone at Colo Colo with some concern due to the scant football that was shown against Mortero Aravena’s side.

Jaime Vera analyzes Colo Colo's draw against Deportes Temuco
© Agency OneJaime Vera analyzes Colo Colo’s draw against Deportes Temuco

Colo Colo couldn’t get past the goalless draw against Deportes Temuco at the Monumental Stadium. The Cacique failed to make a good commitment and left the key open for the second leg to be played at the Germán Becker stadium. Those of Gustavo Quinteros lacked ideas and did not approach the visiting goal with danger. Moreover, he had to deal with a few attacks and a good approach from the Pije team.

The albos deplored some victims, such as Gabriel Suazo, Emiliano Amor, Brayan Cortés, Esteban Pavez and Pablo Solari to name just a few examples. So he jumped onto the pitch with plenty of changes and with Under-21 players starting to see their first guns in official games this season.

The tie left half the world worried in Alba’s store. But also, some historians have analyzed what equality was and believe that Colo Colo should have made more differences against Albiverdes.

This is the case of Jaime Vera. El Pillo, in conversation with BolaVip, maintained that “Colo Colo must always make a difference with the team of less hierarchybut without removing what Temuco did, which seems to me to have played a good match and Cacique lacked depth and clarity to get the result, the key remains open”.

But it went further. It is that the former technical assistant of Claudio Borghi, believes that the situation of Pablo Solari in the club affects the performance of the team, being such an important man in the white team.

“One way or another, Solari has an impact on the team, because he is an important man for Colo Colo, is a player who has played well and should not be in a good mood for all that has happened. He also wanted to leave, he had better economic pretensions and it’s a big team. To some extent, this affects the campus,” he concluded.

Colo Colo must go to define the key to the Germán Becker stadium this Thursday, June 23 at 6:00 p.m. You can follow all the details LIVE and ONLINE via

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