Sergio Santos acknowledges an offer from Colo Colo: 'They offered me to go there, but I chose to stay in the United States'
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The former Audax Italiano striker is currently playing in MLS. The Brazilian left an excellent memory in the team of the colony and was followed by many Chilean teams, including Colo Colo.

Sergio Santos received an offer from Colo Colo in 2020
© Agency OneSergio Santos received an offer from Colo Colo in 2020

Sergio Santos is a striker who had a stint at Audax Italiano between 2015 and 2018. It was in his final season, where the Brazilian captivated everyone with his speed, good feet and goalscoring. For the same reason, the player was probed by many teams, but, ultimately, his destiny was in MLS.

Currently, he plays for the Philadelphia Union, a club he joined in 2019. Although he initially suffered from injuries, over time he established himself and is one of the figures important parts of the North American team.

These days the player is in our country and took advantage of going to see his former team, Audax Italiano, who faced San Antonio Unido for the third phase of the Copa Chile. After the match, Santos was caught by Radio ADN and spoke about his current situation and the possibilities he had of returning to Chile.

“Now I had to go back to Chile for a visa problem, I hope to come back and do it in the best way. Seeing the Audax is like coming home. I went to the complex too, to see the DT and my former teammates is to see the family,” he explained.

Many believed that his presence in Chile was linked to an offer from our football, however, the Philadelphia player ruled out any possibility, although he did not close the doors. Moreover, he acknowledged that there was an offer from Colo Colo which he rejected in 2020.

“Yes, they asked me to come, but because of the birth of my daughter, who wanted her to be American, I decided to stay there. I chose a new league, to gain experience. Yes, there was an offer from Colo Colo, but I chose to stay“, he confessed.

As to whether he would analyze a new offer from the Cacique, Santos underlined that “my objective is there (United States), we analyze and we see the best way. Right now, I love what I do. I should talk to my family, but now I’m focusing on what I’m doing there. We’ll have to see there.”.

Although these are just assumptions, the truth is that Colo Colo is suffering in this transfer market. The arrival of Ramiro González has already been frustrated, Martín Rodríguez will go to MLS and Leandro Benegas finds it very difficult for him to cross the mountain range to reach the Cacique.

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