The ‘fake’ video that made Messi’s son a trend:

The 'fake' video that made Messi's son a trend:

In recent days, Barcelona fans marveled at a supposed video of Mateo Messi and even made it a trend…yet it wasn’t about Lionel’s son.

“What a great goal from Mateo Messi”, “My mother Mateo Messi”, “Mateo Messi is going to be better than his father”. Hundreds of these posts have gone viral on social media in recent hours after a video trended Mateo Messi.

The images show a small football player who dribbles past several rivals very quickly and defines in the best style of the “Flea”, with a cross shot at the far post. However, this all turned out to be a “fake”, as it was not Rosario’s son.

Mateo is 6 years old and a regular on social media as he is usually very nice and witty at social events, but also in private.

Several videos and reviews from his parents show that in addition to his talent for football, he also has an innate mischief.

But, beyond the fact that due to his physiognomy many thought he was the second son of Messi and Antonela, the truth is that the images belong to Rayane Bounida, a 16-year-old Moroccan who played for Anderlecht and was signed last March by none other than Ajax.

When Bounida’s footage went viral, hundreds of netizens mistook the little boy for Mateo Messi. There were comments of all kinds in which many claimed he was better than his fatherand until Barcelona have to make him a contract.

Ajax official

Of course, there were also others, better informed, who shed light, denied that the little footballer was Mateo and attributed the big goal to his real creator.

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