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Adjusting to the natural outdoors is not easy, even less so in recent years of tornadoes and screens. Erica Diaz, Chinese Medicine Therapist and Food and Plant Specialist, assures us that we have many tools to adapt and that “herbs are wise teachers who can guide and guide us in strengthening the most active organs of each cycle. improving their functions, purifying and calming our mind and heart.” In this post, we talk about kitchen medicine and its math book for each season, and share illustrations from El Verde Sentir, a fanzine by Córdoba artist Salvador Perez.

For ink by Soledad Sgarella

“Farmadulería” was a segment of Argentinian chefs on Public TV, I loved it. Erica Diazresponsible in that short time, invited to see a kind of food, which today is probably a little more placed; an opportunity to find qualities in fruits and vegetables that are not only nutritious but also medicinal to help improve the quality of our food. life, life

With the exodus of so much content and the boom in social media, I found Erika on her Instagram profile. A Chinese medicine scientist specializing in food and medicinal plants tells me that she started on this path almost 20 years ago. And how did you get there, I ask him. “On the one hand, because I became a vegetarian in the 90s when I was 13, and I had to research and learn to cook… because there wasn’t a lot of information back then, so I read every natural cookbook and I took all the classes. , the seminars and courses that I was able to do until today,” he says and adds. food has a subtle effect on the physical body and the spiritual plane of each person. After delving into this medicine for several years, I also came closer to the original worldview, participating in its ceremonies, learning the language; simi rune (Quechua) and travel to some communities. The importance of medicinal plants and food to these peoples is transcendent, they are not only medicine but also sacred and present in their rituals, arts and festivals. They are powerful medicine available to all, folk, ancestral and domestic“.

The kitchen is healing

As Erica explains, different peoples realized that humans are an internal landscape, everything that happens in nature is a reflection of our own activities. “When we lose our well-being, food and plants are the first medicine, they will help our body to recover, improve organ function, remove toxins, calm the mind, unblock emotions or increase our energy, including many. other virtues they offer us.” Plus, he says it’s healing because each flavor has a therapeutic effect on our organs and our minds.

(Photo: Salvador Perez)

“If we understand the body as a space, as many women leaders, environmental activists, and feminists have argued, our bodies and mother earth are being polluted, destroyed by monoculture, violated, injured, filled with toxins, and subject to extractivism, then. On Earth, using its natural resources, and in the case of most people, using its vital energy. Therefore, food and its production methods cause many diseases today. Getting back into the kitchen, choosing ingredients and avoiding highly processed foods is a way to practice medicine in our daily lives.”

For Chinese medicine, the therapist says, the essence of the food and drinks we consume is transferred to our blood, which will carry the nutrients to every tissue and every cell in our body so they can work. “But in addition to the nutrients, it also carries the spirit, meaning our consciousness or the subtlest part is rooted in the blood and will then depend on what we consume, the quality of that precious support.”

Mate Booklet and Seasons

Although surrounded by partner taliban and conservative resistance to bitterness, lately I have been doing all kinds of integration with my beloved matecito. What a coconut, what a chamomile, what a burrito, what a mint, what a ginger. Many flavors.

(Photo: Salvador Perez)

Last week, Erica shared a free downloadable booklet with her networks that she is sharing via email. energy changes every year, and this has a strong effect on our physical and emotional state.”

The suggestion is to understand that there is a rhythm, that there are cycles, that there is a moment of rest and internalization that occurs in winter; cleaning and expansion that occurs in the spring; exteriorization and high activity that occurs in summer; go to stop and warm the body, which happens in the fall; it is also a health care guide. “Since we are an indoor garden, what happens in our environment also happens inside us. In this way, we adapt to external transformations and at the same time take advantage of the available energy. So the booklet suggests paying attention to what’s going on there, because things will happen inside as well, for example, two different organs will be working in season, and we can strengthen, cleanse and improve their functions with certain foods and medicinal plants.”.

The specialist emphasizes that we have many tools to easily adapt to the season and that medicinal plants are wise teachers who can guide and accompany us, strengthening the most active organs of each cycle, improving their functions, cleansing and calming. to our mind and heart.

(Photo: Salvador Perez)

The brochure invites suggested mixes for summer, fall, winter and spring. Regarding the latter, the mixture of the spring pair is as follows.

– Dandelion. eliminates toxins – drains an excess liver that can manifest in anger and aggression – helps liver function – indicated for anemia, dermatological, liver and genitourinary disorders.

– Mint. activates the free circulation of the liver, gallbladder and blood – cleanses and discharges the head and eyes – neutralizes toxins – indicated for gas, liver indigestion, abdominal swelling.

– Karkeya. tones the liver – improves gallbladder function – diuretic – purgative – helps calm the spirit – indicated for liver disorders.

– Green tea. clears the eyes and mind – drains the liver – indicated for dizziness, headache and eye pain – prevents stagnation of Liver Qi – indicated for abdominal distension, congestion of the eyes and head.

— In Turmeric. activates energy circulation – dispels heat and stagnation – tones the blood – anti-inflammatory – indicated for stiffness, blood heat, menstrual changes.

A recipe for these times

In addition to what you share on your networks and all the information in the booklet, I ask you for something more: a recipe for the sometimes difficult time of the end of the year. Erica is generous and says: “I think about these times and I can think of a recipe that is very nutritious (providing good quality protein and fat) but that also helps cleanse. Mung beans are very cleansing, and green foods rich in chlorophyll improve liver health (the liver is the most active organ in spring, the emotion associated with it is anger and frustration, it is easily intoxicated by low-quality oils, over-processed foods, drugs, etc. When it stagnates, is a lot of emotional blockages, impatience and irritability). Therefore, it is better to go to refresh, clean the body, relax the mind and heart.”

cold mung bean soup

Ingredients100 grams of mung beans – broccoli with its leaves and spinach leaves – 1 leek – ½ avocado – ¼ teaspoon. cayenne pepper – ¼ teaspoon. nutmeg – 1 tbsp. grated ginger – sea or pink salt according to taste – 2 tbsp. olive oil – 2 cups of water

PreparationSoak the beans for 12-24 hours, then cook with kombu seaweed for 25 hours. minutes approx. Fry the leek in a pan with a little oil, add the broccoli and cook until it softens a little. Blend beans, broccoli and roasted leeks, spinach leaves, spices, ginger and avocado with water until creamy. Add salt and adjust the flavors. Serve with gemolada on top.


Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of grated lemon peel – 2 tbsp. chopped parsley – 10 walnuts – ½ clove of garlic – 1 tbsp. nutritional yeast – olive oil, salt and black or white pepper

PreparationDirections: Grate the rind of a well-washed, agro-ecological lemon. Chop the parsley, chop the garlic, walnuts (pre-moistened or roasted) and combine all ingredients with nutritional yeast, salt, olive oil and pepper.

green feeling

Salvador Perez is an artist from Córdoba whose project, Pair with Yuois a traveling mini-studio of illustration, editorial and audiovisual design.

For this post, Salvador worked online with a fanzine he self-published last year, El Verde Sentir. “A little compendium of brief reflections that invite you to reconnect with skin, sap and emotion. A selection of colorful and energetic illustrations in mini-log format, very light productions, with hand calligraphy.

*By Soledad Sgarella for La Tinta / Cover image. Salvador Perez.


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