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    When the Financial Times published an article earlier this summer talking about fitness and health festivals, as well as new music festivals, we have to admit that it took us a few seconds to understand what it was all about. about Could a banner full of meditation classes and yoga classes serving kombucha instead of beer be the new Sónar? We thought that maybe it was an Anglo-Saxon trend that would not have a place in the Spanish festival calendar… But after a short time we started to understand that this kind of gatherings are becoming more and more popular in our country, where there are many people; have found that challenging the mind and body is indeed stimulating.

    “It’s about living better longer”

    “Self-service it has become one of the main motivations for travel, especially in relation to spiritual experiences. We seek to reinvent our bodies and nourish our souls, but above all, to reconnect with our purpose in life, our existence. Thus, nature and technology will combine to create new and incredible experiences, and spas will become centers of longevity and life extension, with personalized prevention and strengthening programs. It’s about living longer. All questions that will be addressed by experts at Alma Festival. More and more people apply after the holidays meditation and who are changing their eating habits towards being healthier and more physically fit,” explains the team at Alma Festival, the gateway to the “cool season”. Six Senses Ibiza.

    health festivals

    Six Senses Ibiza presents Alma Festival

    Asaf Pinchuk

    The ‘Cold Season’ takes place twice a year in the cooler months with a holistic approach to health. Held November 3-6, the festival aims to be a meeting point for people united to find a meaningful way to connect with themselves, others and the world around them, breathing new life into a modern spirituality fueled by insights and ideas. many experiences that some of the leading international voices in personal growth can provide.

    “Learning to live in uncertainty has become the norm.”

    “For years and long before the pandemic, there have already been changes in humanity related to the increase in stress and anxiety, mainly caused by the work environment. Today and with world events in recent years, learning to live in uncertainty has become the norm. On the other hand, the increase in the use of technology is creating the most connected society in history, which, in turn, is the one that feels the most alone. The increase in suicides among young people is especially worrying. It is noteworthy that Law 3/2018 of December 5 “On Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights” includes the right to disconnect at work. Therefore, these changes in society were already there before the epidemic, only this significantly accelerated them,” comments the Mindful Travel Destinations team.

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    Ernst Haas

    “Recently, the World Travel and Tourism Council published the ‘Mental Health Guidelines’ in January 2021, already anticipating a severe emotional situation affecting the health of tourism workers. All this leads to the consolidation of new products and trends that offer new travel experiences augmented or “figal” (a hybrid physical and digital world) focused on the well-being of the planet and people, all supported by transformative technologies that strive for human well-being. The Mindful Travel or health tourism is focused on creating experiences that facilitate a balance between the planet, physical well-being, emotional health and spiritual peace for travelers. It goes beyond “slow”, restorative, responsible or sustainable tourism,” he assures.

    “It’s about inspiring new frequencies with connection, spirituality and celebration”

    Alma Festival has put together an irresistible program with towering figures model Lily Cole, Dave Asprey, who is considered the “father of biohacking”. Taryn Toomey, founder of The Class; Mindvalley Education Platform CEO Vishen Lakhiani and Michael Smith, Co-Founder Quiet app. “It’s about inspiring new frequencies through connection, spirituality and celebration, drawing on the power of health, music, art and creativity to unlock our six senses and soul,” the team explains.

    “Ibiza is a place with a unique energy that Six Senses Ibiza channels through a magnetic natural environment and superb facilities that combine comfort and privacy, with panoramic sea views and spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Reconnecting and revitalizing the senses in places of extraordinary natural beauty, with meaningful and immersive experiences, compassionate hospitality and premium wellness is the Six Senses brand vision, and Six Senses Ibiza, the company’s first resort in Spain, is no different,” they said. say.

    health festivals

    Soul Festival Encounter

    Sis Senses Ibiza

    According to a recent study by eDreams, with 10,000 travelers from Europe and the US, 74% of Spaniards claim to prioritize the search for personal well-being above all. self service and relax on your next vacation. “There are more and more people who are looking for more than just a treatment on their travels to get smoother skin or relax tight muscles due to stress, hair transplants or liposuction. The rhythm of our lives, the constant changes, having to live with more and more uncertainty and an increasingly sick planet, increase the number of travelers who are looking for these types of additional travel experiences,” explains Mindful Travel Destinations, whose travelers. make two trips in one. they enjoy the journey to the destination and at the same time they take an inner journey that helps them return positively transformed.

    health festivals

    Dolce by Wyndham Sitges Barcelona

    Dolce by Wyndham Sitges Barcelona

    For its part, Dolce by Wyndham Sitges Barcelona descends into the realm of well-being, presenting its first spiritual retreat Laura Hayden, Body Mind Soul Detox Weekend. From October 21st to 23rd, attendees will be able to disconnect from the mental noise that today’s society has immersed us in to align with the positive energy in everything. In the activity we meet different forms of yoga in hotel gardens and on the beach; meditation classes and attention; food-related breakfasts, lunches and dinners; group coaching seminars…

    In turn, Girona will be hosting the Health Hackers Meeting from October 8th to 9th, where you’ll learn how to treat your health problems at source in a weekend of workshops, conferences and events.

    “Spirituality, play, celebration and sex are vital to creating a nurturing environment”

    Undoubtedly, these types of meetings are becoming more and more popular in the face of society’s desire to celebrate the body while nurturing spirituality. “It’s about changing your environment to make your body do what you want it to do. Spirituality, play, celebration, and even sex are vital elements in creating a rich nurturing environment. I am honored to share this valuable knowledge at Alma Festival at Six Senses in Ibiza,” says Dave Asprey. Do you dare to embrace these new experiences where OM is the new Ahn?

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