Make mental health and well-being for all a global priority

the slogan of world mental health day 2022 “Making mental health and well-being for all a global priority” gives us an opportunity to re-energize our efforts to make the world a better place.

We are at a crossroads. Going the right way is imperative.

The COVID 19 pandemic has shown that no nation was prepared for the mental health crisis and long-term effects of Covid. We need a new deal for mental health.

Society and citizens are important.

Make mental health and well-being for all a global priority

While the pandemic has affected and continues to affect our mental health, the opportunity to reconnect during World Mental Health Day 2022 will allow us to renew our efforts to protect and improve mental health.

Many aspects of mental health have been questioned. and already before the 2019 pandemic, it is estimated that one in eight people worldwide has lived with a mental disorder. Meanwhile, available mental health services, skills and funding remain scarce and far from needed, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a global mental health crisis, fueling short- and long-term stress and undermining the mental health of millions. In the first year of the epidemic, the increase in anxiety and depression disorders is estimated to be more than 25%. At the same time, mental health services have been severely disrupted and the treatment gap for mental health conditions has widened.

Growing social and economic inequalities, protracted conflicts, violence and public health emergencies affect entire populations and threaten progress towards greater well-being; During 2021, a staggering 84 million people worldwide were forcibly displaced. We need to deepen the value and commitment we place on mental health as individuals, communities and governments, and match that value with greater commitment, commitment and investment from all stakeholders across all sectors. We must strengthen mental health care so that the full spectrum of mental health needs is met through accessible, affordable, quality services and a community network of supports.

Stigma and discrimination continue to be barriers to social inclusion and access to appropriate care; Most importantly, we can all play our part in raising awareness of preventive mental health interventions, and World Mental Health Day is an opportunity to do so collectively. We envision a world where mental health is valued, promoted and protected; where everyone has equal opportunities to enjoy mental health and exercise their human rights; and where everyone can access the mental health care they need.

WHO will work with partners to launch a campaign to make mental health and well-being a global priority for all. This will be an opportunity for people with mental health problems, advocates, governments, employers, workers and other stakeholders to come together to recognize progress in this area and articulate what we need to do to make mental health and well-being a global priority. for all.

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