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The Nuclear Medicine Center of Rio Gallegos has a a large number of techniques and avant-garde and specialists in various disciplines.

In 2019, the first positron emission tomography (PET/CT) was performed on a cancer patient in the state of Santa Cruz.thus, it is an important event in the history of health care of the region. with which the nuclear medicine service of the Center for Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy of Southern Patagonia was officially established.

Oscar Navarro, director of Center for Nuclear Medicine of Rio Gallegos (CEMNPA)talked with Southern Time and pointed out that CEMNPA “is a Foundation that has no connection to the public or private sector, therefore it cares for the patient with or without social work. It offers comprehensive treatment of oncological pathologies with the service of two oncologists, two doctors. they do palliative medicine, clinicians, infectious disease doctor, the whole diagnostic imaging service which includes the tomography and nuclear medicine part where EPG and EPEC can be done and in addition it has a radiotherapy service where patients can go through. radiotherapy and high-field brachytherapy treatment”.

“Other types of pathologies are also treatable, but The foundation is mainly aimed at the care of oncological pathologiesNavarro added:

bring the medicine closer

The Nuclear Medicine Center was originally established so that cancer patients would not have to travel to other regions to receive the necessary treatment to overcome the disease; “The fund has been operating for four years. Many years ago, there was a desire to be able to provide complex treatment to cancer patients in the city of Rio Gallegos without the need to send the patient to radiotherapy.” pointed out the specialist.

When asked about the number of oncology patients in the state of Santa Cruz, Navarro explained that “today, CEMNPA treats almost all cases of oncology patients south of the center of the state. and some patients in the northern zone were treated in the city of Comodoro Rivadavia,” he added.

Treatment and prevention

Navarro announced that the moment a patient begins cancer treatment, “the person gains restraint – because we have a professional psychologist – and what they feel, as expressed by the patients it is a deterrent on the part of the institution, both administratively and professionally. In general, when a patient is diagnosed with an oncological disease, it is a very negative effect; but planning and treating the patient holistically can be accomplished with the patient in the best possible setting.”

Consequences of the epidemic

The epidemic has negatively affected many aspects and sectors, including the medical care of cancer patients. This caused a delay in treatment and therefore a much more serious diagnosis in patients; “Due to the lack of monitoring of patients after the epidemic, advanced tumors appeared. who could not do the same because of the epidemic. This situation has now been restored, and patients have started to perform regular check-ups, which, I reiterate, should be done at a clinic, gynecologist or specialist,” he emphasized.

Finally, Navarro invited the community and health professionals to attend the 3rd Conference on Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy and Oncology, which will be held on October 13th and 14th at 1291 Alumno Piloto Rivera Street in Rio Gallegos, which will also be broadcast. virtual. A variety of topics will be discussed throughout the day, including “fundamental treatment, treatment of certain specific tumors, but this year. they tried to give fundamental importance to palliative medicine. completed

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