Pharmacists who help you in networks with your well-being. 5 Profiles to Follow!

Social media is a great outlet for public information and education. Anyone can find answers to their questions, concerns, and interests within seconds through the Internet, including health topics. However, we must discern wisely which are correct and safe sources that inform us about our well-being and which are not.

The pharmacist has always assumed an almost maternal figure who acts closely but very expertly as: to the prescriber and ways to treat more unexpected problems. From instant acne breakouts to minor sunburns, rashes to headaches, their recommendations are as strict as they are helpful.

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In recent years, especially since the pandemic and the wave of health misinformation it has brought, Many pharmacy professionals have started sharing their knowledge through Instagram. Dissemination of scientific content with answers to the doubts of its followers and informing them correctly of the latest health news.

Since MagasIN: we want you to always be well informed about your health, even through networks, and if you are interested in beauty, health and well-being, We bring you five female pharmacist-led profiles to follow On Instagram.


Based in Andorra, Meritxell Pharmacy reaches all corners of the world through its Instagram account. The woman behind the screen Meritxell Marti, one of the first pharmaceutical companies to venture into Internet advertising. It’s his specialty international productso on this profile you can discover less common brands to, as she says, “feel and be beautiful, healthy and happy”.


Boticaria García is one of the most visible “health influencers” in the media. Its popularity is due to its ingenious design debunk the health hoaxes that abound on the internetas well as his advice nutrition and about buying healthy products. In addition, in the summer he published Cosmetic radiography (Robinbook, 2022) together with Gem Smithies:also in pharmaceutical networks you need to know.


On Marta Masi’s Instagram profile you can find new brands and best skin care tips. through infographics and short videos (reels:)tells you which products are best for your skin type and your needs, and openly shares reviews about their experience with cosmetics which he sells in his own pharmacy.


On his website: pharmaceutical and optical, Pills provides expert advice on health and self-care in everyday situations, and most importantly, it does so in a simple and practical way. Back short videos and mind maps It covers topics ranging from nutrition to optics, dermoesthetics and baby health.


Genoveva is Lucena specializes in dermatology, you can’t miss it if your main concern is skin care. Her profile, apart from being very attractive on an aesthetic level, is very useful to know everything about product ingredients of our daily routine as well as the various steps we need to follow for ourselves daily facial routine. In addition, it has its own cosmetics brand, La Espartería.

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