The inconsistency of the strike of residents of hospitals in Buenos Aires. another strike tomorrow

Residents of health centers in Buenos Aires stopped today for 24 hours, with uneven compliance, according to hospitals and different services. mid morning They mobilized to the Government headquarters to demand higher wages for the number of hours they worked efficiently. This followed a formal offer they received yesterday to open a dialogue to review the claims without resorting to force. Tomorrow they will stop and march again, starting at 10 o’clockto the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

Last week as published THE NATIONis Meeting of residents and attendees of the city of Buenos Aires voted in favor of starting an indefinite strike if agreed with the authorities at yesterday’s meeting Ministry of Health “Political commitment” did not arise, as they explained to this media, to try to solve the conditions in which they work.

The main requirement is salary. They were informed at the meeting yesterday that after the closing of the joint venture City Physicians Association and Federation of ProfessionalsBy the end of the year, an increase of 48% divided by these four months would be reflected in the salary receipt. In the Wednesday morning cabinet meeting, as it was known, the head of the treasury and finance of the city corrected that percentage, in fact, according to the agreement, in September 50% is divided by 10%; in October – 18%, in November – 15%, in December – 7%, instead of the 5% raised yesterday for the last month of the year.

A meeting of residents and attendees claims a monthly income of about $250,000; currently it is $120,000 to $140,000 out of pocket, basic residency and post-basic residency from the first year. Yesterday, the professionals who held a vigil in Diagonal Norte and Rivadavia, in front of the Plaza de Mayo, during a meeting of two and a half hours at the headquarters of the portfolio of health in Bolivar 1, agreed to confirm that the income does not allow. they make ends meet

Residents of hospitals in Buenos Aires mobilized to the head of the government, demanding to improve their working conditions.
Residents of hospitals in Buenos Aires mobilized to the head of the government, demanding to improve their working conditions.Resident kindness meeting and simultaneous CABA

In the afternoon, every fourth resident had joined today’s announced strike. according to the first formal study of the measure’s impact on care, with uneven compliance across hospitals and services.

The Ministry of Health reported that patient care was not affected, with the exception of social services such as mental health. in which absenteeism in some cases reached 40% or more. The public health system has about 3,600 residents.

The strike was felt at Elizaldi and Gutierrez Children’s Hospitals, according to a group representing the municipality and professionals. Assembly Speakers added to the list Alvarezis Fernandez and motherhood spider.

“The relevance is high. they assessed before the consultation in the afternoon. Today there are hundreds of residents on the streets again. There are hospitals with 100%, and in others it varies. It’s different.”

In the afternoon, the Ministry of Health confirmed that yesterday’s proposal to hold a dialogue in an attempt to resolve the demands is maintained. A meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday between the Health and Treasury authorities and representatives of the Residents and Attendants Assembly. “We will see how the next days will pass. There is a will for dialogue,” said the municipality.

Tomorrow, at 10 o’clock, the residents will mobilize again from Callao and Corrientes avenues to the Ministry of Treasury and Finance of Buenos Aires, as decided today.

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