They performed an unprecedented operation at the Reconquista hospital. The case, and the professionals who intervened

“This is an osteosynthesis of the pelvis, which will improve the quality of life of a woman who suffered a fracture as a result of an accident on public roads. The surgery consisted of pelvic reconstruction and was performed Dr. Mirko Jurich, who has a subspecialty in pelvic and complex trauma.” the Santa Fe government reported, adding that the surgical team also included a trauma specialist Guido Aguirre; surgical instrumentation Gaston Lorenzini; orthopedic technician Mario Quiros; the anesthesiologist Lisandro Pereira. Also mentioned as associates is a traumatologist Esteban Ledesma, Gustavo Salmoral, Marcos Xian, Leandro Niemiz and Juan Escalante.

The operation took place on September 9, 2022. Anahi Zalazar, On the 26th, while riding a motorcycle, he had an accident and was hit, which caused a fracture of the pelvis. “Without this surgery, I would have difficulty walking, to say the least.” explained Dr. Jurich.

Without this surgery, he would at least have difficulty walking.

Osteosynthesis is the repair of a fracture that is commonly performed in trauma, in this case specifically the pelvis. It is performed on critically ill patients who are at risk of not walking again or have life-threatening trauma.

“This surgery requires a lot of management because it’s something to wait for, you can’t wait 30 or 40 days to get a good result, because the healing process of the scars and the body makes the surgery much more difficult. it’s urgent”commented Juric, who added that the procedure “It requires a great complexity of the operating room and a team of specialists.”

The regional government made it important “This unprecedented operation in the regional public sphere has become possible today thanks to the existing infrastructure in the new hospital, as well as the specialists trained to carry it out. This practice is very important to public health because these patients are usually referred to or to. have serious consequences.”


After the announcement of the Government of the State of Santa Fe, ReconquistaHOY said brand new. Dr. Mirko Juric35-year-old who led the team of specialists in this unprecedented operation at the Reconquista Hospital.

He said he was from Wheelwright, south of Santa Fe. and met her current partner, a pediatrician and pediatric pulmonologist from Reconquista, during her medical studies. Alexandra SerafiniThe daughter of Alberto Serafini, who was trained by “Prof. Dr. Juan P. Garahan” children’s hospital.

After graduation in Rosario, trauma specialty in Buenos Aires and subspecialty in the Federal Capital; They both decided to settle in Reconquista and have been working in the city for 3 months. More precisely, he is currently working at the “Reconquista” sanatorium and center of medical specialties.

During the communication, Jurich emphasized the infrastructure of the recaptured hospital, as “frontline at the national and Latin American level” because is the infrastructure for certain procedures “decisive”– he pointed out. It also singled out its specialists.

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