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Thursday, October 13, 2022 12:23

Fenerbahçe Beko men’s basketball team hosts Maccabi Playtica in a week 2 match of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague. Ace Sport will telecast the match at the Ulkar Sports and Events Hall on Friday, October 14 (tomorrow) at 21.00 hrs.

Latest situation and pre-match notes at Fenerbahce Beko:

Bayern Munich hosted our team on Thursday, October 6 in the first game of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague 2022-23 season and beat the opposition 62-74. Tonye Jekiri had 15 points and 6 rebounds at Fenerbahçe Beko, Nick Calathes had 12 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds, Nigel Hayes-Davis had 11 points, 3 rebounds, 2 steals.

Our team played last official game in Turkish Insurance Basketball Super League. Fenerbahçe Beko, who was the guest of Onvo Büyükçekmece on Sunday 10 October, defeated his opponent 80-85 and made it two to two. Scotty Wilbekin had 18 points and Jonathan Motley had 16 points for our team.

Nemanja Bjelica and Tarık Biberovic started training at Fenerbahce Beko. The status of our players will be determined on match day. Samet Geik was injured.

About Maccabi Playtica:

Maccabi Playtica, one of the most established teams in European basketball, includes on its roster names such as Tal Brody, Mickey Berkovits, Motti Arosti, Kevin Magee, Doron Zamchi, Earl Williams, Olsi Perry, Sarunas Jasikevicius, Anthony Parker and Nikola Vucic, who have written golden letters in EuroLeague history. .

Maccabi won its first Euroleague title in 1977 and repeated the feat in 1981. Maccabi won the next Superleague title in 2001 and won two consecutive European titles in 2004 and 2005. Israel’s representatives became the first team since Split in 1991 to win two consecutive EuroLeague titles. Coached by Pini Gershon and featuring names like Sarunas Jasikevicius, Anthony Parker, Tal Burstein, Macio Baston and Nikola Vucic, the team made its mark among the unforgettables of European basketball.

Maccabi, who again played in the finals in 2006 but were stopped by CSKA this time, were stuck in the CSKA handicap again in 2007 and 2008, this time in the playoffs and then again in the finals. Back in the Final Four in 2011, Maccabi got past Real Madrid in the semi-finals but lost to Panathinaikos in the final.

Maccabi, who made a big splash under the management of David Blatt in the 2013-14 season, passed Milan first despite home odds in the playoffs, then CSKA Moscow in the Final Four semifinals and Real Madrid in the final, again. There were a number that became part of Europe. After a long break, Maccabi returned to the EuroLeague playoff stage in the 2021–22 season, but were eliminated 3–0 by Real Madrid.

Maccabi’s museum has 55 league titles, 45 cups, 5 Euroleagues, 1 Superleague, 1 Adriatic League championship.

Maccabi Playtika latest situation and pre-match notes:

Coached by Oded Kattash, Maccabi’s staff includes:

guard: Lorenzo Brown, Wade Baldwin, John DiBartolomeo, Darun Hilliard, Tomer Agmon, Austin Hollins, Eftah Ziv

Forward: Bonji Colson, Rafi Menko, Guy Pini, Jarrel Martin, Jack Cohen

Pivot: Alex Poythress Josh Neboroman Sorkin

RAM: Oded Kattash

Maccabi Playtica faced Zalgiris Kaunas on Thursday 6 October in the first game of the Euroleague 2022-23 season. The Israeli team defeated their opponents 84-83. Bonji Colson scored 16 points, Wade Baldwin scored 15 points and Lorenzo Brown scored 13 points for Maccabi.

Maccabi have won both games in the Israeli league this season. Our opponent last time e. Past Kiryat Ata 94-68, Tuesday, October 11th. John DiBartolomeo had 18 points and Wade Baldwin had 14 points for Maccabi.

Past Matches:

Fenerbahce Beko has faced the opposition 17 times in the EuroLeague so far and won 9 of these matches.

2021-22 – Regular Season – Maccabi Playtica 85-76 Fenerbahce Beko
2021-22 – Regular Season – Fenerbahce Beko 90-79 Maccabi Playtika
2020-21 – Regular Season – Fenerbahce Beko 82-75 Maccabi Playtica
2020-21 – Regular Season – Maccabi Playtica 65-75 Fenerbahce Beko
2019-20 – Regular Season – Fenerbahce Beko 77-78 Maccabi FOX
2019-20 – Regular Season – Maccabi FOX 67-55 Fenerbahce Beko
2018-19 – Regular Season – Fenerbahçe Beko 78-75 Maccabi Fox
2018-19 – Regular Season – Maccabi Fox 70-74 Fenerbahce Beko
2017-18 – Regular Season – Fenerbahce Dogs 87 – 73 Maccabi Fox Tel Aviv
2017-18 – Regular Season – Maccabi Fox Tel Aviv 82 – 73 Fenerbahce Dogs
2016-17 – Regular Season – Fenerbahce 79 – 81 Maccabi Fox Tel Aviv
2016-17 – Regular Season – Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv 87 – 77 Fenerbahce
2014-15 – Playoffs – Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv 74 – 75 Fenerbahce Meteors
2014–15 – Playoffs – Fenerbahce Meteors 82 – 67 Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv
2014–15 – Playoffs – Fenerbahce Meteors 80 – 72 Maccabi Elektra Tel Aviv
2012-13 – Top 16 – Fenerbahçe Ülker 85 – 94 Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv
2012-13 – Top 16 – Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv 91 – 73 Fenerbahce Ülker

Ticket sales: www.passo.com.tr/tr/activity/fenerbahce-beko-maccabi-tel-aviv/3880320

Maccabi Playtica match ticket prices are as follows:

In-field ADG row: ₺2200 (sold out due to combos)
In-field BEH row: ₺1550 (sold out due to combos)
CFJ row on court: ₺1350 (sold out due to combos)
Lodge: ₺650
346 (open box): ₺700
Category 1: ₺500 (sold out due to consolidation)
Sky Lounge: ₺350
Category 2: ₺250
Category 3: ₺200
Category 4: ₺175
Category 5: ₺125
Category 6: ₺100
Category 7: ₺85
Student Tribune: ₺40

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