Ilhan Palut: I don’t think there will be a first break in the league

Date Created: October 13, 2022 15:04

Konyaspor continues its preparations for the match, where it will host Gaziantep FK in week 10 of the Spor Toto Super League under the management of technical director Ilhan Palut. Before the training held at the Konya Metropolitan Municipality Stadium, Ilhan Plaut and a football player, Guilherme Sitia, made statements to the press.


“Today we will do tactical training at our stadium,” Palut said, reminding that the Gaziantep FK match has been in the works since the beginning of the week. Hopefully, we will be able to complete the training for the match tomorrow. Due to Calvo’s yellow card suspension and Gabriel’s injury, we will not be able to use them in this match. Apart from that, our team is working as full staff. Gaziantep is a team that has started very well in the league and has not produced the desired results in the last weeks. But when you look at the staff, it has really high potential and high quality players. This is a game we have to be very careful with. This is a game that we have to fight very well and play with passion. We are working on it. Hopefully, we will leave this game with a good game and a good result at our own ground,” he said.

“We will try to get the most accurate 11”


“When you look at our squad, we don’t have the structure to suddenly make big team changes,” Palut said, noting that there could be a big change in the squad for the Gaziantep FK match. Yes, maybe 1-2 changes. We will decide on this after practice tomorrow, meeting with my team. We will try to find the most accurate 11. But I don’t think there will be a big change at the moment,” he said.

Ilhan Palut: I don't think there will be a first break in the league

“I think many teams will fight for the top”

Expressing that he doesn’t think there will be an early breakout in the league’s pick race, Palut said, “I think the top spot in the league with 6-7 teams will continue for a long time. This is actually a good situation for the quality of our league and the race is both more watched and exciting. I think a lot of teams will compete for the top spot this year. Hopefully, we will continue the league as a team aiming for the top with stable trends.”

Talking about whether there will be a transition between circuits, Palut said, “Transition is a very dynamic process. At this time, you may need to transfer some positions that you see very well. The position you are not satisfied with today can attack the match until the end of the first half. You can somehow close the transfer book there. Let’s see the situation when the league progresses a little. It is an issue that we will evaluate with our management,” he said.

Guilherme Sitya: “We want 3 points”


“The Gaziantep match is always difficult, but this time we will use the home advantage. We want 3 points from this match so that we can stay in the league table. Last week, as a team, they were last minute,” Guillerm said, noting that the Gaziantep FK match will be tough. Didn’t give up the match till now and showed very good team spirit. We have,” he said.

Ilhan Palut: I don't think there will be a first break in the league

“It’s a good feeling to reach 100 games”

Guilherme, when asked about his 100th game in the green-white jersey with the Gaziantep FK match, and how he felt, said, “Actually, I wasn’t aware of it. I saw it when a fan tagged me on social media. I Being here for 3 years, I’m very happy. It’s very important for me, but more “the most important thing is of course to get 3 points, to win. Other than that, it’s a good feeling to reach 100 games.”

“We want to be in this race.”


“Many teams are very strong,” said Guilherme, noting that the Super League consists of a tough marathon. We have many strong rivals competing in this marathon. Konyaspor also shows that it is a strong element among these strong rivals with the results obtained. We want to take part in this race to collect as many points as we can until the end of the league,” he said.

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