Last minute: new curtain on Francesco Totti-Ilari Blasi fight! He said ‘I suffered like a dog’, revenge… revenge is worth a fortune…


Italian football and Roma club legend Francesco Totti and his girlfriend of 20 years and his wife of 17 years, Ilari Blasi, divorced in July. It emerged that the famous couple’s split was due to ‘mutual infidelity’, and Francesco Totti emotionally explained how Ilari Blasi cheated on him in an interview last month.

Francesco Totti told Corriere della Sera in an interview that Ilarie Blasi cheated on him with more than one person. It was a shock to me that he was dating someone else. I couldn’t believe he could be interested in other people, but the messages were right before my eyes. The messages said they met at the hotel… I understand that Alessia, his hairdresser, mediated the meeting. I won’t name the other people,” he said.


Last moments: new screen on Francesco Totti - Ilari Blasi fight He said I suffered like a dog, he takes revenge... Fortune's revenge is worth...

Bag is confidential

A new claim was made even as the contentious division of property between Francesco Totti and Ilari Blasi continued. The legendary footballer has seized his ex-wife’s bags, according to Italian media. The rationale behind Totti’s move took the matter to a whole new level.

“What did you expect from me? I hid your bag so we could trade,” Totti said in a recent statement to Corriere della Sera, and it reached behind the scenes of the word ‘trade’ being used. in complaint; Ilary Blasi confiscated Totti’s watches and is not returning them.

Last moments: new screen on Francesco Totti - Ilari Blasi fight He said I suffered like a dog, he takes revenge... Fortune's revenge is worth...

Applies to court

Speaking on the matter, a source close to Totti argued that all Blasi had to do was turn back the clocks. “Blasi needs to return the watches to get his bag back,” said the person, who did not want to be named.


On the other hand, it appeared that Ilary Blasi is trying to take the matter to court and legally demand the return of her bag. However, a photo shared by Blasi on his personal social media account in the past few days may cause trouble in this regard. The beautiful Naam poked fun at his ex-wife by sharing a photo taken in front of the watch brand, which he allegedly did not return to Totti.

Both are valuable resources

Although the Italian press doesn’t give statistics, they write that both Francesco Totti’s watch collection and Ilari Blasi’s bag collection are worth a fortune and that’s why the topic is big among the teams.

Did his father build a watch collection?

Francesco Totti spoke about the watch in an interview where he talked about the behind-the-scenes of separation and betrayal. The former Italian soccer player claimed that it was not his father, Ilari Blasi, who took his watch from home.


Totti said, “After our divorce, her father came to our house to take his belongings. Later, I realized that he took all my watch collection. He took their boxes and warranty papers. This was not something that could have happened. By accident. They also put someone special after me. They put voice recorders in my car, in my house. I’m being tracked by GPS.” used the word

Last moments: new screen on Francesco Totti - Ilari Blasi fight He said I suffered like a dog, he takes revenge... Fortune's revenge is worth...

What did Ilary Blasi say in the separation statement?

Totti and television presenter Ilari Blasi confirmed to Italian news agency ANSA that they had parted ways with Totti.

Blasi’s statement; “After 20 years and three wonderful children, our marriage to Francesco Totti has ended. The reason for our separation will remain private and we will not disclose anything further. I urge everyone to respect privacy and stay away from speculative news.” used his speech.


Rome’s legendary captain Totti; “I tried to resolve the crisis in our marriage, but we realized that separation was inevitable, no matter how painful it was. Everything I did and said in the last month was to protect my children. They are my most precious. We entered. Elary and I will fight for their development on this new path. I have always trusted my dear wife. And respected.” she said.

Totti’s great statement was like this

I never thought to talk about it, but everyone else did. I don’t want my children to suffer the wrong way. First, I want to say this. I’m not the first to cheat. I know that no marriage is perfect. Ours was not perfect either. First, in 2016, the last year of my football career, the crisis started to happen. I’m sorry, I needed him, but he wasn’t showing me that interest.


Last moments: new screen on Francesco Totti - Ilari Blasi fight He said I suffered like a dog, he takes revenge... Fortune's revenge is worth...

“I lost my father from the coronavirus, I was sick, he was not with me”

On October 12, 2020, I lost my father to the coronavirus. I last saw him on August 26. Couldn’t meet later as he was ill. I was devastated. Ilary was not with me. Then I got the virus, I was quarantined at home for 25 days. I miss my children and my wife very much. I finally got my children and my wife, but my wife is not the same.

“My close friends say she’s seeing more than one guy”

Rumors surfaced in September last year. They said Ilari had multiple girlfriends. I can answer ‘impossible’. They said seriously, ilary more than one person is cheating me. Even my lifelong friends, whom I trusted so much, started telling me this. I couldn’t believe it.

“He was using code names”

Then I found the message on your phone. I also noticed that Elary uses codenames. I realized this in the fall, but the messages were very old. I was grieving. It was a shock to me that Ilary was dating someone else. I couldn’t believe you could be interested in others, but the messages were in front of me. The messages read that they met at the hotel… I understand that his hairdresser, Alessia, also mediated the meeting. I will not name others.

“I lived like a dog”

I kept everything inside. I didn’t say anything to anyone. I couldn’t tell my problem even to Vito Scala, my friend since I was 11 years old. I’m not one to turn a blind eye to problems, but I start acting as if nothing happened. It wasn’t about Ellery, it was about the children, it was about the family. I suffered like a dog, I cried. One day he said to me; ‘This year I have to spend more time in Milan. I will return to Rome later.’ I couldn’t believe it.

“Niomi was saving me”

IM in depression. The marriage took a long time to consummate. Noemi Bochi was the one who brought me out of this depression. Suddenly news started appearing in newspapers. These were rumours, but I had proof. I had sleepless nights about me and Elary. After getting the news, I fell into depression again. It’s not me anymore. I was another man. Naomi saved me.

First I was friends with Naomi. We were friends the day the photo was taken at the stadium. He goes to sports with his friends, plays paddle and then comes to the match. I had no idea. We were already friends at that point. If I had known about the arrival of a friend, we would have sat next to each other, why did we choose to sit apart? I can say that our relationship started earlier this year. I repeat; I never cheated first.

“He refused and was going to talk to these people.”

In the early days when I learned that I had been cheated, I did not speak. I still thought I could save my family. At one point I couldn’t stand it and asked Ilary about the other guy. He denied it and said he did not know. Then he realized that I knew. He told me he was just meeting for coffee. I understand they met in March 2021. There was both that man and others… I told him what I knew and what I had found. I then face the hairdresser with Alessia. Both denied. He still contacted those people on the same date. Before it hit the press, the news about me and Neomi hit the press.

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