Statement from Abdullah Avicii: “I am here today and not tomorrow”

Trabzonspor coach Abdullah Avicii, who are preparing to face Monaco in UEFA Europa League Group H this evening at 22:00, made a statement hours before the match. Addressing fans on the social media account he opened in the past months, Avcı asked the burgundy-blue fans to trust the management and the team.

Noting that he came to Trabzonspor with the dream of becoming a champion, Avcı said, “The first day I came to Trabzonspor, the thing I wanted most was to become a champion. This city and this club need it. We have made all our plans towards this end. The long awaited championship that dominated the league made us all happy, celebrate with gusto and go down in history.

“Shaping the Trabzonspor of the Future”

Urging not to be stuck in the past, Avcı said the following:

“Anyone who knows me knows. I say bragging about the past is a waste of time. If you’re asking how we can take what we’ve won in the past into the future, here’s what I think about more. Every season, every team changes. . It happened to us too. But the changes in us were to shape the future Trabzonspor. It was thinking about the future of the team, not the next season. It was targeted. The whole season, not the first 10 weeks. Not the champion once after many years, every Year plans to be at the top. First in the mind, then on the field, an enduring championship culture that will always be at the top. It was built.”

“They believed in us during the painful transition process”

Thanking those who supported him, Avcı said, “I and my team owe a lot to our honorable president and board members (and to our president Ertuğarul Doğan, whose name has a special place in my heart). They have made great sacrifices. They believed in us during this painful transition process, which is not easy to endure, as they did last season. They supported Trabzonspor’s dream of reshaping. I would like to express my gratitude to them and everyone who has consciously and sensitively observed and supported this transformation process. Since the day I opened my Twitter account, I have been hanging on your every word. My team and I are reading what you write. I am sharing this letter here for the first time and only because I am in awe of your love, support and constructive criticism for this team and because you have an informed group with a high ability to read the game.”

“Expand Your Heart”

Avcı said that they have created the future of Trabzonspor in everything they have done so far and said, “I am a professional. I’m here today, I’ll be gone tomorrow. I don’t always claim to know everything. But I do know this: the Trabzonspor of the future is being built. (Those who don’t mean well may look at this sentence and talk about the average age of the team. But you, who follow my every word, know what I mean.) The sooner you understand this holistically and support your team unconditionally. . , soon this dream will come true. That’s why I want you to listen to things without intermediaries, unhindered, in their simplest form, look at things from the inside rather than the outside, widen your perspective and heart, and have unconditional trust in this team, its players. management, and what they are aiming for.”

In a statement he made in the past days, Avcı, pointing to the month of November for the party to regain its previous strength, concluded his words thus:

“Remember. We did not come to be the warm air of spring. We came to be a storm and blow. Trust this group, the children of this land, each new child in our family, as a whole, without surrendering to immediate results, and feel them more than ever. Finally. It’s almost November. With love.”

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