“Family medicine is a young profession, but it has shown full maturity”

Antonio Fernández-Pro Ledesma, President of the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG), has evaluated Health and his profession for the past 40 years. In addition, he sent his congratulations to EL MÉDICO magazine for its 40 years.

On the occasion of EL MÉDICO’s 40th anniversary, can you rate your profession over the past 40 years? What achievements have been made?

It is true that we have gone through several stages during these 40 years. The first stage of luxury, with the implementation of the reform of primary care, the publication of the General Health Law (1986) and the profound reform of Primary Health Care, initiated by Royal Decree 137/1984, on the basic health structures, where we move from atomized and overcrowded medicine to medicine in ambulatory polyclinics from a holistic perspective. The information system, the integration of family medicine into the MIR training program has had a lot to do with it, it was an absolute success at the time, and we have had excellently trained professionals who are the envy of all our countries. environment and have been requested not only by our country, but also by the public health systems of other countries.

From this point on, health centers began to operate with a clear characteristic of teamwork, multidisciplinary with much more precise schedules and professional work regulations, including a portfolio of services common to the whole system: health care, new skills and abilities. to the family doctor. Additional tests were brought closer to this level of care, laboratory tests, radiology and many other tests were now in the hands of the family doctor, with which his resolution increased and he managed to solve up to 90 percent of the population’s demand. . At the same time, teaching and research were introduced into this area of ​​care where it had previously been practically anecdotal.

Health programs were implemented, in which risk control and preventive medicine prevailed. An important level of satisfaction for the population, many times. The family doctor is the best-rated specialist by the population in various satisfaction surveys.

There is no doubt that family medicine is a young profession, but during this time it has shown full maturity. with particular reference to what has been developed in these last two years of the epidemic, which has been very difficult for its professionals, but where it has been shown that strong and powerful primary care is essential to give cohesion to the whole SNS.

What has EL MÉDICO contributed to the health landscape?

EL MÉDICO is a publication that has provided truthful information on all matters related to the health sector, thanks to the fact that it had a team of competent professionals specialized in the field of health information, who knew how to deal with the most current news. the stages of the last decades, in which special emphasis should be placed on the problems related to the epidemic. With an informative media like EL MÉDICO, so many fake news or fake news that circulated during the coronavirus crisis would not have appeared.

Congratulations to EL MÉDICO Magazine!

From the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG), we would like to congratulate EL MÉDICO and its entire human team for 40 years of existence, maintaining the values ​​and mission that initially encouraged them to establish and become one. information media in the healthcare information landscape.

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