Medical advice for children and adults

From birth to adulthood, a pediatrician is the doctor who is responsible for assessing a child’s health and making sure everything is fine. There are many different areas in pediatrics such as neonatology, pediatric nutrition and digestive system, pediatric cardiology and also dentistry.

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On the other hand, adults can benefit from integrative medicine and digestive medicine as part of comprehensive health care.

The importance of counseling children

At least once a year, babies and children should be taken for a well-child checkup. It doesn’t matter if they are not sick, babies should be taken to the pediatrician for their evolution, vaccinations, weight and height monitoring, and to check that motor and cognitive development is progressing well.

In addition, now with technology it is possible to have an online pediatrician so that he can provide advice in case of emergencies. These consultations can be done by video.

However, pediatrician visits are especially important for children under 36 months of age. This helps with the immunization process as well as early diagnosis of problems and monitoring the growth and development of young children.

In addition, children also need mental health screenings to check for symptoms of sadness and anxiety.

Pediatric Dentistry: Early Detection of Problems

Visiting a dentist for children in Granada is the best way to assess oral health for the little ones at home. The temporary or permanent dentition passes the transitional stage between the ages of 7 and 12.

That is why a pediatric dentist is the best, because he knows his field of work in depth and can see the evolution of the dentition, as well as correct mistakes or blockages of the teeth or diagnose possible diseases early.

Pediatric dentistry deals with many dental problems, from the beginning of teething to the end of growth. These professionals specialize in children, and their teeth change over the years and behave differently than adult teeth.

In addition, working with children requires not only special knowledge, but also different treatments to deal with the fear, anxiety and worry caused by dental visits.

What is integrative medicine and what are its benefits?

Integrative medicine is a modality that incorporates both conventional treatment and alternative and naturopathic medicine to offer the patient all the resources for their healing and quality of life.

Acknowledging the important contribution of traditional medicine in increasing the standard of living and guaranteeing the survival of the population, it is also important to recognize the potential of natural medicine for certain pathologies, in addition to combining many treatments, such as: the field of oncology;

The physiological, psychological, nutritional and social elements of the individual are taken care of by integrative medicine, which uses both resources for the well-being of patients.

Its benefits are countless, as it allows for a better approach to disease prevention, body detoxification, and keeping the immune system strong and healthy.

Why is digestive health important?

A gastroenterologist Madrid is someone who is responsible for the study and care of the digestive system. That is, the system made up of the gastrointestinal tract (from the mouth to the colon and anus), the pancreas, the liver, and the gallbladder. All vital components of the body.

The job of the digestive system is to give the body the nutrients it needs from food and fluids to function properly.

It is responsible for converting food into fuel for the body. That is why it is important to take care of what you eat, because it can cause a number of diseases in the digestive system and disrupt its functionality.

There are highly trained and specialized clinics to treat various diseases, restore healthy intestinal flora, reduce intestinal permeability and regulate the immune system through integrative medicine.

Today, diseases of the digestive system can be detected more effectively and quickly thanks to many studies and researches.

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