Rasmus Ankersen: Gojtepe is bigger than Southampton, I know Karciaka’s competition


Rasmus Ankersen, who became the first foreign investor in Turkish football by acquiring 70 percent of Goztepe club shares through the UK-based company Sport Republic, relegated to the Spor Toto 1st League, of which he is CEO. The club will reach a different position in 5 years. The Danish athlete, who attended the meeting organized by the Izmir Chamber of Commerce, where the Izmir Sports Clubs Association Foundation (IZVAK) brought together the presidents and managers of Izmir clubs in professional leagues with sports media, made a statement about the current status and goals. of the club

Mehmet Sepil, who chaired the meeting in Göztepe for 8 years and still holds 25 percent of the club, and is also on the new board of directors led by Danish Ankersen, Football Federation Board Member Talat Papatya, Altay President Ayhan Dunder, Altairdu Administrative Director Baris Ertosun, Menemen F.K. President Bahri Ekmeksioglu, CEO of Ekmas Sportive Activities and Baris Orhunbilge, President of Bergamaspor, TSYD Izmir Branch President Bahri Okumus, Turfad Izmir Branch President Bahri Vreskala and press representatives were present.

Sepil: Construction of infrastructure facilities started

Mehmet Sepil, who said they have been making several visits since the beginning of the week with Rasmus Ankersen, who has taken over the chairmanship at Göztepe, said they have had their first board meeting at the club and will begin construction. Infrastructure facilities on pre-assigned land in Torbali. “Today we had our first board meeting with Rasmus Ankersen. We are visiting some important things such as the Ministry of Sports and the Football Federation. There are no obstacles ahead. Land in Torbali. In our first meeting, we are here with the infrastructure. Started building the facility. We have decided to start the facility. We will build the facility in 3 phases. We aim to build 4 fields and camp center in a short period of time. Phase 1. We have brought a team who sees football from a different perspective and knows football. . Sport Republic Company is a different team. It shows it with their work and does it best. “I am excited for Izmir and Turkey. However, Ankersen doesn’t have a magic wand. Rasmus and his team will not perform miracles in a day. Step by step will be climbed,” he said.

Ankersen: Goosebumps are bigger than Southampton

Goztepe president Rasmus Ankersen, who opened the meeting by talking about himself and his career, said the Yellow-Reds are a bigger club than Southampton, which they took on as Sport Republic in the English Premier League this year. Rasmus Ankersen, who started his speech by saying “I want to thank the club of Izmir and everyone for welcoming me here,” said: “Football is a local and global game. I am a former Danish football player. I continued my career as a coach. After my injury. I established an academy in Denmark and am here. I worked as a coach for 5 years. I have been in England for 14 years and I am interested in football here. I wrote 5 books while in London. I have written a book that has been heard around the world. The owner of Brendford is reading this book and I am on their radar. “I have exchanged ideas with him for 8 years. We have brought the club from the lowest level to the best place,” he said.

“I knew Karshiaka Derby and Altinordu”

“Then we founded the Sport Republic company and through this project we researched clubs around the world,” Ankersen said. “We first took English to Southampton. This club was our first capitalized business. Göztepe is a bigger club than Southampton. It is a small club. I came to Turkey and Izmir for the first time 2 years ago. I knew two things when I came here, the first is the Karşıyaka-Göztepe derby and Altınordu. The success of its infrastructure. I attended the match. After the match, we decided to cooperate with Mehmet Sepil. Turkey has a passion for football and an undiscovered potential. Every time I come to Izmir, I love it more than others. I love its people. We Want to work for football in Izmir. We are here. We have projects to invest and improve infrastructure and facilities. We are not just an investor for 1-2 years, but an investment that lasts for many years. I want to make it. The first year is in its infancy for us, but we will get through it only with Mehmet Sepil. I am very excited. I am sure we will be talking about something different here in 5 years,” he said.

“Infrastructure after Super League”.

In the question and answer section, Göztepe president Rasmus Ankersen said, “If I had a choice, we would like to go to the Super League immediately. However, this is not the case. Our goal is to provide the best infrastructure first. Ways, strengthen it and then go to the Super League.’ He replied. At Göz-Göz, who have appointed Radomir Kokovic as director of football procedures and Ekrem Dag as head coach through a different structure in the technical team, Ankersen said that the discipline and training system in Turkish football should change and said, “From the first team The same team defense and defense in all units of the club from starting to infrastructure. “We are trying to establish the same attack. The physical development of the players is also important in this regard. The infrastructure is very important for this. In fact, we can see it as an iceberg. The result is the tip of the iceberg, but there is a lot of work under it,” he said. Defending a planned and project management style, Ankersen, when asked about Turkey’s current football climate and infrastructure, said, “We will start the first step for infrastructure at today’s board of directors. First, four fields and facilities will be built. We will complete these infrastructure facilities in three phases. We are currently planning to complete these infrastructure facilities. I am not satisfied with the team situation, but we have been working with our team for the last three or four weeks.

National team goals in 2030

Rasmus Ankersen, who said that he was not satisfied with Gojtepe’s performance, which was low in Spor Toto 1st Liga this season, but that the team would improve, was asked what kind of Gojtepe he envisioned in 5 years, “In 5 years, he is a great will establish academies and train young footballers to meet European standards.“We want to create a system where we will be. They will never make a fuss,” he said. “Two of our club’s players took part in the African Cup in 2005,” Ankersen said, referring to their target when they bought FC Midtjylland of Denmark. We have produced two good players from an unknown team.
Our biggest dream would be to send 3-5 athletes from Gojetep to the national team by 2030,” he said.

Izvak President Erten: We are an example structure for all of Turkey

Noting at the meeting that İzmir’s clubs are the most valuable brands of our city and have more than 100 years of glorious history, and they are aware of this and aware of their responsibilities, İZVAK Board of Directors Chairman Ali Erten said, “We have an exemplary unity that no other Not in the city. Our clubs who are rivals on the field, cooperation and solidarity off the field. We have set an example in this regard in Turkey. We succeeded in achieving this in Izmir by working. Hand in hand. Thank you very much to everyone who supported us. We make an effort and It will be spent on further development. We want to create one and a strong Izmir with our clubs in the same city. We want to build a ‘. We want to thank Rasmus Ankersen, who invested in Turkish football through our gazette, our Izmir and Turkish football. , had faith and trust in our youth and we welcome him. We will always be by your side,” he said.

Dailey: As TFF, we will use artificial intelligence in referee appointments
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Talat Papatya, the first to enter the management of the Football Federation after 11 years in Izmir, said that Rasmus Ankersen’s Göztepe investment has been discussed throughout Istanbul and said, “We hope this union will set an example for Turkey. So, we are happy as the people of Izmir. We believe The federation where our responsibilities will make a difference. We want to support the referee assignment issues we’ve complained about in the past with artificial intelligence and algorithms to eliminate and remove issues from human error. Live TFF 2nd and 3rd League Granting broadcasting rights and broadcasting was a good development for clubs and football fans. It will also have a positive impact on the budget. Looking at the past period, there will be incremental growth. 120 and 130 percent of clubs’ broadcasting revenue. This is for monitoring and promoting young players. It will be a good opportunity too. I was elected to the Federation with the support of all of you. TFF Board for 11 years. There was someone there. No and now we have broken it down. While İZVAK President Ali Erten İZVAK Board Member Gokhan Kişla was elected to the TFF Fair-Play and Social Responsibility Board, he was also appointed to the Foreign Relations Executive Board. As our state will celebrate its 100th anniversary, we want to develop projects and ideas under the umbrella of İZVAK. We will try our best to fulfill our responsibilities,” he said.

EKMAS CEO ORHUNBILGE: We make an investment worthy of IZMIR

Baris Orhunbilge, CEO of Ekmas Sportive Activities, told the meeting that they set out to buy Menemen Belediyespor and Bergama Belediyespor from August 1st and said, “We managed the administrative, technical and transfer process of two clubs in one month. We also did real estate. And similar work. In Izmir we are a making investments that will be useful for Turkey. We completed this process in Menemen FK. The transaction of Bergama FK was also completed on September 29. We are starting this road in Bergama with our new name soon.” she said.

Menemen FK President Ekmekchiol: We will invest in volleyball

Menemen FK President Bahri Ekmeksioglou said about the club, “As a group, we started investing in sports. We quickly took our team to the camp in Afyon. We entered the league quickly. We are in good shape now. We have activities both on the green field and off the green field. “Along with our Eko Menemen project, we will continue with our other social projects till the end of June. We plan to invest in women’s volleyball in the future,” he said.

Altinordu Director Ertosun: We continue our mission as Altinordu

Altınordu Administrative Director Barış Ertosun, who said that we are moving forward on our way in line with our basic mission with the same energy and enthusiasm as always, said, “We wish success to the new management and structure of Göztepe. As the people of Izmir, we are always with them. .”

President Dundar of Altai: Season of hope in Altai

Reminding of the current situation of Altay, who were relegated from the Super League last season with a transfer ban in İZVAK’s organization and continue on the road with old players and infrastructure-heavy staff, president Ayhan Dündar said, “Our loan transfer ban is around 12-13 million euros. We did not have good results at the beginning of the season because our football players of the past joined the team late. However, we are in the recovery process. We continue our work. Best efforts in the amateur wing as well. We are in the Super League of women’s football. We have our young players. We are in the 2nd league of volleyball. We have named this season “Season of Hope” and it will be a very tough season. Hopefully, we want to give a structure that will last in these leagues for many years,” he said.


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