Spore Toto Super League | Alanyaspor 3-2 Antalyaspor (Match Result)

Super LeagueIn the first match of the tenth week Alaniaspor And Antalyaspor facing

Then the first half hour was goalless AntalyasporIn the 36th minute Gokdeniz Bayrakdar.Going forward the away team’s goal was disallowed for offside.

The last minute of the first half ended in a goalless tie in the 44th minute. Alaniaspor They are leading 1-0. Corner kick is used Ahmed Hasanscored the goal that put his team ahead and the first half ended with this score.

📊 Super League Score Status

Until the second half of the match Antalyaspor It started with change. Sam Larson Game play time Gokdeniz Bayrakdar came aside

In the 51st minute of the match AlaniasporThe difference is twofold. Came into the penalty area from the right wing and found the ball in front of him in midfield Arnaud LusambaBroadcast to the net and scored his first goal of the season.

AlaniasporSecond goal after 6 minutes Antalyaspor, Haji WrightHe again narrowed the gap. In the 57th minute, the visiting team attacked from the left wing and Wright sent the ball into the net to make it 2-1.

📊 Super League Schedule

The home side went into the last half with a 2-1 advantage. Alaniaspor, increased the lead to two again in the 70th minute. In the face of the cannon in the penalty area Idrissa DombiahScored his team’s third goal. In the 87th minute of the match Haji WrightScored himself and his team’s second goal to set the score.

He was able to maintain his superiority for the rest of the match. AlaniasporLeaving the fight with 3 points, got the first win after 3 matches in the league.

With this result AlaniasporWhen your score increases to 12 Antalyaspor 7 points left. Spore Toto Super LeagueIn the 11th week Antalyaspor, IstanbulsporWhile hosting Alaniaspor, Galatasaraywill be a guest.

Corendon Alanyaspor: 3 – Fraport TAV Antalyaspor: 2

Condition: Kirbyic Holdings
Referee: Yasar Kemal Ugurlu, Mehmet Kisal, Ata Yildirim
Corendon Alaniaspor: Runarsson, Rassoul (min 88 Balkovec), Furkan Bayır, Fatih Aksoy, Yusuf Özdemir, Efkan Bekiroğlu (min 69 Umut Güneş), Leroy Fer, Lusamba (min 69 Doumbia), Candeias (min 77 Zinfecan Ecaine7), Oguz Aydin), Ahmed Hassan
Freiport TAV Antalyaspor: Alperen Uysal, Bünyamin Balcı, Luyindama, Ömer Toprak, Cemali Sertel (min 76 Floranus), Fredy (min 76 Hakan Özmert), Ufuk Akyol (min 84 Mustafa Erdilman), Gökdeniz Bayrakdar (min 46 Larsoin), 75 Sinan Gümüş, Wright
Aim: Minute 44 Ahmed Hasan, min. 51 Lusamba, Min. 70 Doumbia (Corendon Alanyaspor), Min. 57 and 88 Right (Fraport TAV Antalyaspor)
Yellow Card: Min 25 Efekan Karaka, min. 78 Doumbia (Corendon Alanyaspor), Min. 29 Grass, Minn. 78 Hakan Ozmert (Fraport TAV Antalyaspor)

Minutes from the match:

In the 10th minute, Efekan Karaka from Alanyaspor took a corner kick from the left and Fatih Akiol saved it. Goalkeeper Alperen Wisal controlled the kick by Efkan Bekiroglu who received the ball in two moves.

In the 21st minute, Candias could not touch the ball sent to the penalty area by Efekan Karaka in Alanyaspor’s increasing attack.

In the 30th minute of Antalyaspor’s attack, Wright’s hard shot from outside the penalty area was saved by goalkeeper Runarsson in two moves.

Alanyaspor took the lead in the 44th minute. Ahmed Hasan, who rose brilliantly from Candias’ corner kick from the right wing, headed it into the back of the net.

Alanyaspor ended the first half of the match with a 1-0 lead.

Alanyaspor doubled the gap in the 51st minute. An Antalyaspor defender tries to clear the ball away from Leroy Fer in the middle of the penalty area on the right. The leather ball that left the penalty area was brought into the net by Lusamba’s hard shot. 2-0

Antalyaspor reduced the lead to one in the 57th minute. In an attack developed from the left wing, Wright, who received the ball well, sent the middle into the penalty area, Semali Sertel sent his header into the net: 2-1.

Alanyaspor doubled the lead in the 70th minute. Leroy Fer’s kick was saved by goalkeeper Alperen Wisal after Efekan Karaka crossed the ball into the penalty area from the right wing. Carame Doumbia’s hard hit in a position to clear the defense, the ball goes into the net: 3-1

Wright reduced Antalyaspor’s lead again in the 88th minute. Mustafa Erdilman’s through ball was met by the right keeper in an Antalyaspor attack in midfield. This soccer player’s smooth kick met the round leather net: 3-2

The match ended in a 3-2 defeat to Corondon Alanyaspor.

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