Emre Akbaba: Wanted Fenerbahce but listened to my heart

Emre Akbaba shares his experiences with Fenerbahçe and Alanyaspor during his time from the start of his career to date, his injuries and his move to Galatasaray.

Emre Akbaba, who played for Adana Demirspor, one of the Super League teams, gave an interview to the French press. Sakun made statements about the period when Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe wanted to transfer him, the injuries he suffered and the many problems he had.

Here is Emre Akbaba’s statement:

“If I could play at Galatasaray, I owe it to Alanyaspor”

Explaining the period in Antalyaspor, Akbaba also talks about his experience with Samuel Eto’o. vulture, “When I came back on loan, Samuel Eto’o talked to me a lot. He said I was a good player. He didn’t accept that I wanted to leave the club. I’m such a person. I can get an instant feeling. Sometimes it’s impossible to hold back. . I chose Alanyaspor. Alanyaspor is behind. “Although it may seem like a lottery, it helped me reach a higher goal. If I can play for Galatasaray today, I owe it to Alanyaspor. ” used the phrase

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“I didn’t realize I could break this record.”

“Did you know that you are a legendary player of Alanyaspor with 67 goals?” On the vulture question, “To be honest, I didn’t even realize that I could break this record. The goal I scored against Rizespor, I realized what I had achieved through the club’s social media posts. Of course, I was very proud to come from Montfermil and stay in such a position. “ He commented.

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“Fenerbach told me to listen to my heart”

Akbaba said that Fenerbahçe was also active when he was transferred to Galatasaray. “Alanyaspor had a contract with Fenerbahçe, but I only thought about playing for my childhood and dream club Galatasaray. Big clubs in the country wanted me and that made me happy. But my choice was very clear. I made my choice. With all my heart . We were also going to play the Champions League. How? I refuse?” said

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“It hurt so much but I couldn’t do anything”

Explaining the injury he sustained during the Erzurumspor match, Akbaba said, “The period at Galatasaray started well. I scored and assisted with Turkey jersey against Sweden. I broke my ankle before the Porto match. I didn’t play for long. It lasted the whole season. “Even I miss the chance to play. on tv It hurt a lot, but I couldn’t do anything.” she said.

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“I had a very hard time”

Noting that he suffered a lot during the injury process, Akbaba continued: “I was in a plaster cast for 3 months. I couldn’t even get a glass of water by myself. I had a lot of pain. But I managed to come back. This time, at the end of the season, I broke my fibula. I can say that I had a nightmare.”

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“It was a test given by God.”

“How did you recover from two major fractures in just a few months?” The problem is football players, “Like you said, I could have given up on football. But I have a structure that doesn’t give up. When I saw the state of my shinbone with my second injury, I said, “Damn, that’s too bad.” But I dreamed. . To get back on the field and finish the process as soon as possible. This is the test. That’s how it is. I always think the worst when something bad happens to me. I’m a person of faith. It didn’t allow me. Be depressed and accept things. “ Answered

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“Everything is going well”

Emre Akbaba was reminded of the possibility of a return to France and whether he dreams of playing in Ligue 1. “Sometimes I think about playing in France in front of my family and friends. It would be nice. I heard some transfer rumors about me, but there was no official offer. Today I play in a very ambitious club, Adana Demirspor. We have a good squad and we are in the championship. Determined to run. So all is well and good.” He finished his speech.

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