Okan Buruk’s reaction to the referee in Galatasaray! ‘Dangerous, malicious intent…’


Galatasaray coach Okan Buruk made a post-match statement after losing 2-1 to Kayserispor in the Super League.

Here are the words of Okan Buruk;

9th game, 6th away game. Today is our first defeat. The first half was not our quality. We had a hard time playing straight. We didn’t play our quality game.

inadequate and dangerous

His hand was positioned. However, VAR revealed that it still does not work in Turkey. VAR referees in the current order are incompetent and dangerous. Our goal is back from VAR. However, handball in the opponent’s penalty area is also a penalty. The middle referee should have been warned.

We are tired of dealing with referees

Tired of dealing with referees. I am now looking for bad faith in the hiring. The biggest problem in Turkish football is the referee. This came up again today.


Galatasaray’s rights have been renewed over the years

Fixing the existing VAR referees in Turkey has become more dangerous for Turkish football. Galatasaray’s rights have been renewed over the years. We weren’t very good in the game, let me underline that, but the VAR refereeing effect on the game was sad.

Let us believe

Galatasaray fans should not worry, this is only the 10th week of the league. We played 6 away matches. It will also return in the second episode. It is a wound that we got on the way to the championship, but we will treat it as soon as possible. They trust us.

“I believe in my players”

Of course, we have very high quality players of individual quality. Personally, we have players who can outright win a match for us. To be clear, we haven’t benefited these players to win matches, but we are a good team and we have a good staff. I believe in my players. The fans of Galatasaray believed in this team a lot, they believed in us and as we saw here, they welcomed the team incredibly. Our matches are very busy. This year, we played 9th match, 6th away game. Of course, we were thinking of coming out of this difficult corner with a high score, but today we had a mishap. After that we will rise again. Galatasaray fans should have no doubts. Trust us and our players. We will and must do better. We are a team that can do better than that. We see the end of the road as a championship. This game is not enough for us, but we will fix this game and increase our share especially on the field and make our own job easier. It’s been a while, you know. We passed both the national team and the bye. We think this period has not reflected positively. In particular, the 2-week period of not playing a match is probably one of the reasons why we are lacking in terms of gameplay. Maybe we can count it out, but like I said, we’ll get better and we’ll do better.


“Galatasaray is the team that got the most from the referee”

Maybe the 3rd hand blocking position since the start of the season. Even volleyball referees could decide on this, but unfortunately the newly established system, only VAR on VAR referees, has shown us very clearly that it is not working at the moment. There are clubs who complain about this situation every week. VAR referees are now starting to use it as they like. The one that hurts the most is Galatasaray. We can clearly see how nervous Galatasaray fans are about the appointment of a referee. The appointment of Arda Kardeslar today, the appointment of Yasar Kamal Ugurlu is like the appointment of a referee who has not attended a Girsun match in the Super League before. We can see that there is a build up against Galatasaray in terms of the recruitment decision and today’s VAR decision. If you see Baris’ hand in the goal, you will also see a penalty in the penalty area. You will also see sores on Bo’s leg. If you don’t see it, you won’t be there. I think the people who work there need to sort themselves out by delegating responsibility. This is no child’s play. To make such a big mistake in sports, which has shaped society so much, really shows the failure of the people in this business.


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