Sony launches new vlogging camera for beginners

Sony today announces the new ZV-1F vlogging camera. The pocket-sized camera is optimized for vlogging with the latest Sony technologies designed to highlight user-generated content.

Key features of the ZV-1F camera:

  • 20mm wide-angle fixed lens with F2.0 aperture for selfies
  • Bokeh backgrounds and face-priority AE to ensure subjects stand out
  • Optimizing skin tones, including the Soft Skin Effect option
  • High precision focus and eye AF for humans and animals
  • Image stabilization in active mode (electronic) during video recording
  • Creative layout presets for superior visual expression
  • Slow motion and fast motion options (fast or slow motion) to enhance creativity
  • Product showcase setting for product presentations
  • Improved touch screen features with touch zoom and step zoom functions
  • Clear voice recording thanks to the 3-capsule microphone and windshield
  • Recording in 4K 30p and FHD 120p resolution
  • Easily connect your smartphone to upload content for social media platforms
  • Natural features for reduced environmental impact

With a fixed 20mm super-angle lens for optimal selfies and a wide viewing angle, the camera can capture more backgrounds. The vlogging camera also offers a beautiful background bokeh effect for both photos and videos to further highlight your subject or create a smoother look.

Skin tones are optimized for both video and photos with the ‘Soft Skin Effect’ option, which smoothes and reduces wrinkles in video and creates a natural skin tone effect for photos. Face Priority AE automatically adjusts brightness during shooting, so that subjects’ faces can be captured with optimal brightness, even in situations where lighting conditions vary. The ZV-1F also offers high-precision focusing and eye AF for both humans and animals, allowing the autofocus to focus specifically on the face and eyes without being disturbed by other subjects. Users can easily switch protagonists using the camera’s touch screen.

In addition, when recording video, image stabilization is available in active mode (electronic) so that the footage is stable and smooth even in motion.

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The new Creative Look feature gives users more presets to achieve the desired atmosphere in both photos and videos, with differences in tone, brightness, color depth and more. A total of 10 different work modes are available that will allow them to take their creative inspiration to the next level, but also share content immediately without the need for editing.

The ZV-1F also features an S&Q mode for shooting in slow motion at 5x slower speed and fast motion at 60x faster speed to achieve the effect every time you want it.

In addition to photos and videos, high-quality audio is vital to capturing the perfect content. The 3-capsule directional microphone with wind shield ensures clear voice recording and noise reduction in windy outdoor conditions.

The ZV-1F is designed for total ease of use, so vloggers can focus on capturing content and intuitively operate the camera without difficulty. Weighing around 229 grams, it is compact and light enough for everyday use and can be carried anywhere. It also features a tiltable LCD touchscreen that offers functions and settings that can be changed with a simple touch, including the ability to zoom, so operation is instinctive.

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The new vlogging camera includes a Bokeh Switch button that allows users to quickly switch between background bokeh – when they want to highlight the subject’s face – and clear full-frame images, even while recording video. The camera also features a Product Showcase setting that allows users to seamlessly switch focus between faces and featured products – a perfect feature for reviews.

The ZV-1F also features a self-timer as well as a recording light to make video content even easier to capture.

Users can even use the ZV-1F as a high-quality live streaming device. With the appropriate video conferencing application or similar software, the ZV-1F can function as a high-performance web camera when connected to a computer or smartphone via USB.

The ZV-1F is compatible with the GP-VPT2BT Wireless Grip that provides cable-free control for zooming, shooting and more, and can be extended to form a mini tripod for steady shots without the need for hands on the camera. Also, an external microphone can be easily attached to the skate, providing a clear sound recording.

Price and availability

The new ZV-1F camera will be available from October 2022 at authorized Sony distributors, at a retail price of approximately 3200 lei.

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