(Summary) Fateh Karagumruk-Hatespur Match Result: 3-0

Fatih Karagumruk hosted Hatayspor in week 10 of the Super League. After the 4-1 win over Ankaragücü, Andrea Pirlo’s Karagümrük, who drew with Sivasspor, Giresunspor and Basakehir and lost to Istanbulspor and Fenerbahce, called it quits for the poor run. The Istanbul team, who were on fire before the match, ended their 5-match winning streak with a home win.

He indicated the goal

Hatayspor, which parted ways with Serkan Özbalta and brought in Volkan Demirel as the team’s boss, effectively started the fightback. Ryan Abid rattled the net in the 26th but the goal was disallowed for offside. At 35 he hit Fabio Borini, falling to the pole. A goal signaled the Red-Blacks, Kenner Erkin’s middle and Steven Caulker’s head shot to make the score 1-0 seconds later.

When it comes to ‘first half over’…

+2 was added at the end of the first half, just as it was said ‘first half ends with this score’, another goal in the last second of extra time! Borini, who was stuck on pole on 35, this time struck Canner’s pass from the right corner from a narrow angle to extend the gap to two. Karagumruk went into the locker room leading 2-0.

Abid’s unlucky day

The second half saw a counter attack. While Hatayspor were loading up for goals, they found the goal they were looking for in the 76th. Ryan Abid again hit goalkeeper Viviano with a hard shot across the penalty arc, but the goal was disallowed for offside. It was Abid’s second goal disallowed today.

One survived the fire, the other remained below

Just as the first half started, the second half ended. A penalty was awarded when Vranjes tripped Ozdoev as he entered the penalty area. At 90+7, Mbaye Diagone made no mistake and scored the penalty and decided the score of the match: 3-0. With this result, Karagümrük scored 9 and got out of the firing line so far. Hatay is at the bottom with 7 points.

Minutes from the match:

one‘ Fight referee Volkan Byerslan blew the first whistle, the match started.

7Canner Erkin’s free kick from the left wing hit the defense from close range as Dreswich’s hard shot into the penalty area went into the corner.

11thAfter Karagumruk’s corner kick, Hatayspor started a quick attack after winning the ball. Lobzhanidze, who faced the goalkeeper with a long pass, passed the ball to Al Kabi, who was intercepted by Ozdoev for a corner.

The goal has been canceled!

26In Hatayspor, Ryan Abid struck across the penalty arc, the ball bounced off the defense, distracted goalkeeper Viviano and met the net. However, with VAR cautioning, referee Vulkan Byerslan did not deem the goal legal as it was offside prior to the goal.


35Borini’s close-range shot from the right was deflected off the post by Jimmy Durmaz.


36′ Canner Erkin takes a left wing corner, Steven Caulker heads the ball well into the net. Karagumruk has a 1-0 lead at home.


45+2‘ Canner Erkin passed the corner from the right side, took the ball again, played against Borini from the break, the Italian star hit the right diagonal and brought the score to 2-0.

First half is over.

46The second half has started.

Another cancellation!

76′ Abid hit the penalty box again and brought the ball into the net from the corner. However, again with VAR alert, the goal was disallowed as Vranjes was offside in a passive position.

90‘ +5 added to the last part of the match.


90+3′ Vranjes takes down Ozdoev as he enters the penalty area, Volkan Byerslan points to the penalty spot.


90+7Mbaye made no mistake in Diagon, making the score 3-0.

The struggle is over.

Fatih Karagumruk-Hatayspor 11s:

Fateh Karagumrook: Viviano, Biracci, Dresvik, Kerim Frei, Borini, Jimmy Durmaz, Anwan, Ozdoev, Kolker, Cousy, Canner Erkin

Hatayspor: Erce, Kamil Ahmet, Vranjes, Burak Öksüz, Kaan, Onur, Aabid, Mehdi, Saba, Ayoub, Bertuğ.

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