What, Mr. Sebi, are we not going to write the mistakes? Ahmet Noor Sebi’s allegations are terrible. Written by Gurel Yurtas


When I read the statement made by Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi at the sponsorship signing ceremony for the women’s basketball team, I was horrified.

Let me list the featured words item by item:

– Behind criticism on social media is a conspiracy against Beşiktaş management and its president.

– There are people who plan to bring down the coach for the team’s failure and create the impression that there is a problem between the coach and the players.

Everyone knows that Beşiktaş is the best team this year. Therefore, the only way to distract this team from success, and one of the ways adopted by our rivals, is to stir Beşiktaş from within. That is their purpose. No way they will achieve their goal.

– There is a situation where Ishmael is criticized and tried to be brought into it. Let me explain this to my fans. It involves two groups. There is a social media aspect and a written and visual media. Behind the criticism on social media are attempts to plot against the Besiktas president and his administration. There are perceptions that the team fails, the coach is dragged down, and there are problems between the coach and the players. They do it on social media. The people of the opposition party alleged that those who do this work are doing it in exchange of money.

– I am only calling my fans here. Please don’t be fooled by the conspirators. As we take care of our fans, I ask our fans to take care of their coaches.

Now… first let me say this. What does “those who do this are doing it for financial gain by people who claim to be opposition parties” mean? Dear Sebi; Since you said “let me explain this situation to the fans”, be clear. Who are they? What are their names? How correct is it to make such a big complaint and put almost everyone under suspicion?

I am a sports writer. Of course, I will call black as black and white as white. Am I not going to write about Besiktas’ 3-0 draw to 3-3 draw in Alanyaspor match and the reasons why? Am I not going to point out the incorrect substitutions made by Valerian Ishmael? Am I not going to watch the crap of Başakşehir and İstanbulspor matches? Shall I not speak of the terrible game, the strange fiction, the joy of a draw in your own field at Fenerbahce?

When I do these things, do I become an enemy of Beşiktaş? Or are our fellow sportswriters conspirators? What kind of complaint is it?

As for social media… I repeat. If any, those who print messages with money; You know what you say; Please also list their names. List it to prove your claim. Is it normal to have opposition to every administration whether in the club or in politics? But, of course, creating news with money, printing messages and indulging in conspiracies is unacceptable. Say these so that millions are not left in doubt.

For Valerian Ishmael… Have I seen rulers; By changing technical people they say “we’re behind you, we’re with you”? What technical guys I saw; Who was fired overnight and confirmed his seat?

Want an example? Here is the first thing that comes to my mind: Sergen Yalçın!

Mr Sebi…

I have been in this business since 1980. That’s why I know very well the importance of the success of Besiktas, one of the pillars of Turkish football (along with Fenerbahce and Galatasaray). I sincerely want it to succeed. He who knows already knows; Well, I am a Beşiktaş fan. I cannot accept that you view every criticism as “mostly hostile”. If we criticize, it’s because we want Beşiktaş to be better.

If you’re looking for an enemy, look no further than the executives who are inextricably linked to the clubs. Look at those who spread millions of Euros with ridiculous transfers as if they were giving it out of their own pockets.

Look at those who hire unqualified technicians.

Take a congressman from an opposing club and see who does strange things with incredible powers.

People who don’t understand the f’s of football make them have a love affair.

So what I am saying is; The needle to yourself, the sack to someone else.

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