Almonds and snacks can be an ideal addition to a healthy diet

Mexico City, 16 October In the framework of the World Food Day, it is important to consider that almonds and other plant-based diets can also help the human body meet the minimum nutritional amounts required to be healthy, nutritionist Carmen Ruiz commented this Sunday. clinical and sports

“Eating a plant-based food like almonds allows us to get the protein we need, as well as the fiber the body needs to function properly,” said a spokesperson for the California Almond Council, the main body promoting the fruit. in California, explained to EFE more than 72 years in the market in North America.

According to a representative of the Almond Council of California, it only takes a handful of at least 23 almonds, about 30 grams, to satisfy a person’s hunger.

He said it would provide the human body with 6 grams of protein, 4 grams of hunger-killing fiber, and good fats, which according to health recommendations should be unsaturated fats.

According to Ruiz, 90% of the almonds consumed domestically in Mexico come from California, specifically under the supervision of the California Almond Council, while the rest is produced within Mexico or exported elsewhere.

The clinical and sports nutritionist also emphasized the importance of disseminating more information about health and nutritional values, which are necessary for Mexicans to become more aware of chronic diseases.

Mexico has the highest number of overweight people in the world, in addition to leading the list of countries with food-related health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.


Ruiz also commented that the so-called “snacks” or sandwiches could also be an alternative for Mexicans to consume more diets with better nutritional values ​​and include nuts such as almonds and leave aside the intake of products such as fried foods. between meals. food.

“Whether you’re looking to lose weight, control diabetes, or simply make healthier choices, you can switch up your meals with smart snacks,” she said.

A spokesperson for the California Almond Board also said almonds are a great option for those who don’t want to give up meat and for those who already follow a vegetarian diet or have eliminated animal products entirely.

“Almonds act as a side dish and can also completely replace meat,” he said.

However, he recommended consulting a nutritionist or health professional to be able to create the best diet for each Mexican, as he emphasized that all bodies are different and an analysis of sports, social and work activities is also necessary. should develop an adequate food plan.

The specialist noted that the minimum daily human body needs is 40 to 60 grams of protein and 35 grams of fiber.

At the same time, she explained, the ideal snack contains fiber, protein and good fats that work in unison to keep you satisfied between meals.

A spokesperson for the California Almond Council also reminded that delicious snacks can be made for less than 200 calories, such as 28 grams of honey crystallized almonds and a cup of Greek yogurt, 23 almonds, two rice crackers and a tablespoon of almond cream, or something crunchy. like 28 grams of spiced almonds and half a cup of edamame grains with salt.

She said the recipes can vary from sweet, salty, crunchy and even creamy, so she invited to check out for more recipes and tips. EFE:



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