Health crisis. All clinicians at Dr. Emilio Ferreira City Hospital have resigned

Despite the attempts to hide the real problems of the city under tons of propaganda, the municipality cannot ignore the serious crisis that the healthcare system is going through in the district.

Even after receiving very important contributions from state and national governments during the pandemic, which ensured that in his first year in office, Mayor Rojas was able to make severe cuts to the health sector, eliminating services and equally delaying the purchase of supplies. The hospital continues to present more problems than when he took over Arthur Rojas In the administration of Nekochea.

That is, if in the past there were problems with the provision of supplies and overtime payments to doctors, now only the payment on time has changed, albeit to the detriment of the treatment that professionals receive in the course of their work, the treatment that imposes on professionals; Strict silence and constant threats amid surveillance imposed by the Rojas administration in an attempt to keep under control any kind of disclosure that could damage the public image of the mayor, who is fully focused on his re-election next year.

In addition to bad treatment of patients, there is also bad treatment of professionals working in some fields. In recent hours, The remaining 3 clinicians in the 2nd section of the hospital unanimously submitted their resignations., apparently due to their attitude in a field where they have to respond to the population for matters that are the direct political responsibility of the authorities. The first doctor was previously promoted to office manager, removing staff from the area where these three new resignations were filed.

“The field was left without the only three clinicians left. It’s horrible to work like this, even under Lopez, which was pretty bad, it’s horrible to work like this.”said four winds a hospital source who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation.

as far as he could tell four windshis resignation will not take effect until early next month (November), although it will undoubtedly worsen the health situation, which is already suffering from an alarming shortage of staff, adding to the already known problems at the hospital.

From the very beginning of the Arturo Rojas administration, the inconveniences were active and remained unresolved; neighbors are often forced to carry basic goods, regularly raising their voice of protest; A certain bad attitude towards patients even caused “remorse” in the mayor’s office. and charges of misappropriation of public funds, such as covering up overtime theft in the case of an acknowledged confession by an official, went completely unpunished. The municipality did not even replace the official who admitted to the employees that he covered up the theft of extras and falsification of records.

bad attitude

The practice of surveillance and control of medical staff, combined with the constant lack of coverage of certain supplies and services, makes hospital work an extremely stressful task, where professionals have to report from time to time to neighbors without mentioning the difficulties of doing their work. mandated by the policy decisions of the Health Minister’s powers Andrea Perestyuk.

Unfortunately, who was one of the leaders of the 2019 protests demanding improvements to the health care system from former mayor Facundo López, took office a year ago and so far the only thing he has been able to guarantee is the payment of his salary. and the doctors who accompanied the protests. Along the way, there was no serious response to staff shortages, poor treatment of patients and even lack of sheets and basic supplies in hospitalizations.

Employees from different areas of the local hospital told Cuatro Vientos that the format of constant surveillance and the threat of public ridicule (such as the case of a nurse who was falsely accused of wanting to steal a kilogram of milanese from the hospital kitchen) thwarted the task. much that doctors prefer to look for better places to work. So much so that the issue of obtaining coverage for many services has remained vacant for almost two years without a serious response from the commune.

An example that illustrates this situation was seen recently when a recording was released in which a hospital security coordinator; German Valdovinosopenly admitted to covering up the theft of extras, something that was also known to his superiors. The Commune will not only replace the self-accused officialbut also dispatched staff from the City Hall’s private secretariat to try to find the person responsible for the leak, increasing surveillance pressure on staff.

Problems inside too

The Rojas administration is so far from its 2019 campaign promises on health that even within the district there are already protests, as in the case of La Dulce, not only because of the lack of coverage in the health department, but also because of the lack of maintenance of the building where the post office works.

The management promised to repair the roof of the aid station, although it later postponed the works with new announcements. Even the Advisory Board asked for reports on the destination of the 2 million peso match that was supposed to finance the renovation of the venue’s roof in May. In response to the council’s request, the mayor made a new promise to expand the budget and work up to 8 million pesos, although there was no news on the matter later.

After the resignation of the municipal delegate in La Dulce Raul Martinez after repeated situations where their pleas were ignored by the executive, the situation continued to deteriorate and the neighbors raised the tone of protest, accusing the mayor that “He forgets the internal and forgets health“.

It is in this context that new staff resignations were recorded, exacerbating the already dire health situation in the city. Undoubtedly, the question is expected from the Rojas administration, which is focused on the 2023 re-election campaign, continues to focus on the cosmetic side, with few important cases, but very visible for its will to proselytize. Meanwhile, unpunished corruption, mistreatment that prompts resignations, and various shortages in the hospital create a ground covered by electioneering that will soon lose its effectiveness in the heat of constant demand.

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