Last minute: Altay Beindi statement from Michael Kraft! We lose it


Former Spor Toto Super League side Fenerbahce Altay Beindir’s goalkeeper coach Michael Kraft recently commented on the lack of form experienced by the talented gloveman.

Speaking to Beaz TV, Michael Kraft announced the timely offer to Altay Bayandir and explained the steps the yellow and dark blue club should not take during this period.

“I hurt my knee. I can’t be a goaltender coach.”

I follow Altay. And I’m following closely. Altai is a very sensitive, very special and very different goalkeeper. They are already asking me on social media. They say, “If it was you, it wouldn’t have happened”. “Can you restore Alta to her original state?” They call me teacher. However, let me say that I have no desire to return to Turkey. I have injured my knee since last April. I will not be a goalkeeper coach, but I will follow my former players.


“Altai is a very good goaltender, but I warned him about something.”

His reflexes are very good. Very well in line. It was clear that he would be a good goalkeeper. It was better before me. He got better at his work with us and at what we did. However, my warning to Altay was always: “He didn’t have consistency. He wasn’t consistent. Sometimes he couldn’t concentrate. I always told him, ‘Goalkeeper saves the game. Always save’. 4-5 matches in a row was never good. . See Altay’s agreed goal. He always lay on the floor, especially in the position where he was one-on-one. Before I came, I wanted it to always be standing after I came. When facing an opponent, “You scare him. You stand.” I said

“They wanted everything from the Bundesliga.”

When I was working with Fenerbahce Altai, one of the most important teams in the Bundesliga wanted to buy Altai. They called me. They asked me. I sent it to the president. The President also asked me. There were offers from other places too. Several other teams from the Premier League and Bundesliga wanted the club for Altai. When the president asked me, “He should stay here for 1 more year. After 1 year, I said that I was in favor of giving him to Fenerbahce in a way that would make more money.”


“If you think about a few goals, you lose confidence.”

“I’m not criticizing anyone, but Altai is a player who needs special care. He’s a very sensitive player. He lives well mentally. Goalkeeping is a tough job. Out of shape at the moment, yes. I’ve filled his confidence. Conceded a couple of goals. He lost confidence after taking over. We worked with him on this. The main thing is not the coach, not his teammates, not the managers. The closest name to the goalkeeper should be himself and the goalkeeper coach. The goalkeeper will believe in himself. When he goes to training and matches, he He would empty his head and heart. We were emptying his head and heart. Just like I do with other goalkeepers, I have worked with the best.


“Best goaltender I’ve worked with, including the goaltender from Altai, Germany”

Altai is the best goalkeeper in the area where I work, along with Germany’s goalkeeper. For once, I want to convince him and those who believe in him. Such a tall goalkeeper has great qualities that other tall goalkeepers do not have. Despite his flaws, Altai is a candidate to become one of the best goalkeepers in the world.”

“If transferred, we will lose Alta”

Transfer is not absolutely necessary. We will defeat Alta. There is absolutely no need for a transfer. Altay’s quality is evident. Does not happen in life? A man never loses his qualities and talents. Will he not feel the pressure when the foreign goalkeeper comes? Will he not admit the wrong goal? Will he lack motivation? Money will be wasted for no reason. Here’s to Fenerbahce fans. Altay needs only one thing and it needs to be done in the first match. Hang a banner that reads “We’ve got your back.” A word changes a lot.

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