The luxury cars of Romanian celebrities. Where they buy their “balls”

In case you are impatient to know which Romanian stars are passionate about cars, below we will present a Top 10 famous names of the local show, who cannot get rid of cars worth tens of thousands of euros.

With the help of, but also with the information published by the stars in question, we find out, in detail, which car brands they drive and what their price is.

Liviu Vârciu he does not own a single car, but an entire collection. He is simply passionate about cars and everything related to their restoration.

One of the jewels of Liviu Vârciu’s collection is the “beauty” that appeared in the video “Your eyes” – a yellow Barchetta from 1996, but there are also vintage cars and more.

On the other hand, Liviu Vârciu declares that his cars are not even worth a fortune because they are classic cars. During the Xtra Night Show program, Vârciu said he paid only 3,500 euros for the vintage one and the most expensive one is an SUV that he uses for his daily commutes ”.

A funny story is circulating on the internet about it Adrian Mutu which seems to have been sent by the famous Ronaldo to parking 3, in Milan, to Inter, when he would have seen him leave an Alfa Romeo made available by the club, according to

“Actually, even Adrian Mutu is not a very modest star when it comes to cars. He owns a new Porsche Panamera worth over 100,000 euros and a Porsche Cayenne GTS of about the same value.

And on the streets in Romania, it seems that the footballer is also considering buying an Audi Q8 which, in his opinion, fits perfectly with our infrastructure. “

Golden Linendrives a 20,000 euro Porsche, a 55,000 euro Mercedes C Cabrio that seems to have thundered too, but not anyway, but giving it 80,000 euro worth of care to turn it into a car that barely resembles the original appearance of this car template.

“The son-in-law of the famous TV presenter, Andreea Esca, is not doing badly in terms of the money at his disposal, or at least that’s what you can deduce from the car he drives.

It seems that Mario Fresco has been spotted several times by various fans in a luxury car, an Audi S-line model, whose value seems to be around 50,000 euros “.

Although he was recently seen behind the wheel of a Mercedes driving at over 200km / h in Israel and at one time he also owned an Audi R8 worth around 150,000 euros. Currently, Gabi Tamaşnu he no longer has a personal car and is traveling in cars borrowed from colleagues.

“AND Smiley he is very good with cars as is usually seen in the red hybrid Jaguar for which he has apparently shelled out around € 30,000.

Not much, one might say, especially considering he’s a star of Smiley’s caliber. But in reality, this little detail proves that the famous singer is not necessarily looking for established models, but she loves to discover hidden jewels “, according to

neither Come on Adam can’t miss it, being known to be a great lover of luxury cars. The artist bought a BMW i8 and customized it excessively. The car costs around 150,000 euros.

Mihai Bendeac He also falls into the category of expensive car lovers and owns a Land Rover that costs around € 30,000.

Also, Anna he walks the streets of his homeland in a BMW 7 series, which can cost around 100,000 euros.

Delia Matache pesemne is passionate about Range Rover. He currently owns a red one and its price reaches 45,000 euros.

Adelina Pestritu drives a Porsche Cayenne whose price reaches 50,000 euros.

“I will introduce you to my new partner, EDA! She left me waiting, but she is as I dreamed of: elegant, slightly nervous, graceful and at the same time mysterious, ready to surprise me at any moment. For the faces and features of women. There we meet in traffic “, wrote on the Instagram page, Adelina Pestriţu (look at the photo).

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