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Trabzonspor coach Abdullah Avci: Because we didn’t win…

In week 10 of the Super League, Trabzonspor drew 2–2 with Besiktas in front of a full stand at Vodafone Park.

Bordeaux-Mavilliers coach Abdallah Avicii also made a statement after the final whistle. “We came to win, we took the opportunity and we’re sorry we didn’t win. It’s good to come back here in such an atmosphere. We’ve won in the last two years, we won again,” said the veteran coach, insisting it was a game that suited two great teams. Wanted to win. At Beşiktaş.” “There is a good and deep squad. We knew they would put pressure on the home court. We planned the game well,” he said.

Evaluating the intense match, Avcı said, “We are very tired. We have five days ahead of us, two days off and then we will prepare for the Sivasspor match. We are in three lanes, we want to continue our run in this. We won, we are sorry. Missed it. On the 8th day, they played their first game. “We played our third match in 7 days. We had to plan properly. We have planned properly,” he said.

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“He who wins is not a champion”

In response to questions about the final mood in Week 10 of the league, Avcı said, “I don’t want to go into too many details. I felt it when I came here and played elsewhere. It’s like a final. Whoever wins today will not be the champion. I think the game needs to be looked at a little differently. I was stressed here too. This game is played with a ball. It is played knowing the quality of the ball. If you focus on matches in Europe, you plan according to your own players and opponents. “I think if we understand that winning or losing is not death.”

“I have a Trabzonspor jacket. Maybe I’ll talk one day when the jacket comes out.”

They played 3 matches in 8 days and noting that even 1 hour between matches is important, Abdullah Awsi said, “Even an hour is important, but if TFF has taken a decision, talking about it before the match means a defense. . We use many regeneration and science methods. I was the coach of Beşiktaş and I am always proud. I have full respect. Today, I am the coach of Trabzonspor. I will always respect this community. I don’t think animal psychology is important. We mingle with the professionals at the club. Today they gave me a form, I will take it to my son. Let’s look at Bartın today, it is not one. Let’s take a look at the people who died there. Those who are sick, there are also those who have died. What happened, we played the match, the end. I have very important friends in this community. I’m wearing a Trabzonspor jacket. When the jacket comes out, maybe I’ll talk to you one day,” he said.

“Our strategy can always change according to the opponent”

Concluding on the game, Abdullah Avicii said, “Waiting in the 2.5 zone in the flow of play was taking risks on one side of the opposition. We take this risk from here on. It was one-to-one when the opponent pressed with 7 men. Maxi Gomez was injury prone and had muscle soreness. Omur’s hand can be cracked or broken. Bardi also played 90 minutes against Monaco and we wanted to rest him as well. We can change our strategy according to the opponent and formation. There are two sides to football today. There are 4-5 variants of the campaign. It depends on the opponent. Have parts when you have balls. Now there is development in new generation of technical people. But there are differences in the game’s defense and offense. It is determined by the quality of the player. The average age in Monaco was 24, the violence and pace varied,” he concluded.

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