Up and down stairs. How true is it that doing so counts as training?

Ideal for people who don’t have time to go to the gym or play sports every day. According to experts Going up and down the stairs is an optimal physical activity to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and it’s a healthy practice for those who don’t have a hole in their schedule for higher intensity workouts.

Although it helps the body and is considered exercise, it is recommended to incorporate a more active activity at some point during the week. “Adults should do 150 minutes of physical activity per week, of which three times per week should be strength-based exercises.” declares pediatrician, sports specialist and director of the Diploma in Pediatric Sports Medicine at Favaloro University, Santiago Quetel (MN 93789). And he emphasizes it children and adolescents They should do 60 minutes of moderate activity a day, seven days a week and strength training two to three times a week to improve muscle quality.”

For him, going up and down the stairs is good exercise for someone who doesn’t exercise every day. In short, go up and down the stairs It is an exercise that promotes and improves the physical condition of a sedentary person and is more intense and vigorous than just walking.

The iconic image of Rocky Balboa climbing the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, popularly called “Rocky’s Steps”, to the tune of “Gonna Fly Now” is one of the most iconic scenes in film history. This movie serves as a prime example that sports or physical activity has a lot to do with motivation and self-improvement, and it’s not just about moving the body.

As if that was not enough, the former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg. During his tenure, issued an executive order to encourage the use of stairs in said city and introduced two bills to make them more popular with simple ideas like putting posters on the walls near elevators recommending the use of stairs.

“It’s a very effective exercise because when you climb, you work concentric contractions – muscle tension with muscle contraction – and during landing eccentric contractions, which require the opposite effort, muscle tension with muscle lengthening. It puts different physiological demands on the body,” says Dr. Quaitel.

This is what the specialist assures Repeatedly performing this exercise builds strength levels and cardiovascular function, and ultimately helps improve the cardiorespiratory system. in a person who does not exercise every day.

A key tip to consider when going up and down stairs is that you should wear athletic shoes with good cushioning in the sole reduce the impact on the joints.

Other recommendations are to avoid the intensity of this activity unless you are used to moving your body a lot. “You have to start gradually, if you never climb stairs, then you can’t climb ten floors from anywhere, you have to go up little by little, because you understand that the body does not have such a hard time,” explains Julieta Alfonso. (MN 139849), doctor of sports medicine.

Regarding contraindications, Dr. Alfonso assures that They depend on the limitations of each particular person. This applies if you have had injuries, surgeries or any other obstacle that prevents you from going up and down stairs.. “If you are an older adult who has difficulty walking, this may not be appropriate, although you can do other exercises depending on your condition. The important thing is that all movements are important, and the more active you are during the day, the healthier your life will be,” he explains.

You can go up and down stairs both to avoid sitting and to improve your physical condition
You can go up and down stairs both to avoid sitting and to improve your physical condition

On the other hand, according to Duke University in North Carolina, USA, this daily activity provides the following benefits:

However, it should be noted that Being physically active is not the same as playing sports. “The physical activity By definition, it is any movement produced by skeletal muscle that causes energy expenditure, such as climbing and descending stairs, sweeping, dancing, or walking to work. This becomes exercise when prescribed to improve physical fitness, strength and endurance. After all, it talks sport when we apply rules and theory to the above,” emphasizes Dr. Alfonso.

Going up and down the stairs can be compared to a healthy snack. “You take advantage of certain moments to do exercises that improve cardiovascular health and strength. And even those who are fit and non-sedentary can also use stairs as a training method by which they increase their speed of going up and down; You can also add a certain type of load to increase the strength demand,” explains the sports doctor. “This can be done both to avoid sedentarism and to improve physical fitness“, he concludes.

Doing this exercise repeatedly improves strength levels, cardiovascular function, and ultimately the cardiovascular system.
Doing this exercise repeatedly improves strength levels, cardiovascular function, and ultimately the cardiovascular system.Shterstok – Shterstok

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