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New nationality

For a while, I wondered what best represented the understanding of nationality at this time.

i found

Mesut Ozil is the epitome of today’s “nationalism” approach.

What made me realize this was a video I came across yesterday.

A Janissary band is brought in front of Mesut Özil’s house and plays a song written for Özil by the glorious Ottoman Mehtar.

The lyrics are:

Born in 1988

The sun has risen in football

The honor of the Turks became their pride

Happy birthday Mesut Ozil

The honor of the Turks became their pride

Happy birthday Mesut Ozil

King of men, man of men

He has conquered the whole world with his football

He composed an epic worthy of his glory

Happy birthday Mesut Ozil

He composed an epic worthy of his glory

Happy birthday, you’re Mesut Ozil.”

This is a walk.

The man was a German national team player until a few years ago. When choosing the national team, he chose Germany.

To those who asked the reason for his choice, he said “I think I’m a German”.

As a German citizen, he played football in Germany, Spain and England for years.

He never came for a day and was not interested in Turkish football. He did not even answer questions about the Turkish team.

Meanwhile, reports of him hanging out at drug parties and sex organs were reflected in the press.

He was suspended from the national team due to his German personality.

He was dropped from the team in which he played in England.

He has come to the end of the road.

Suddenly he remembered that he was Turkish.

He was transferred to Fenerbahce for around 60 million TL per year.

He pocketed that money for three years, contributing close to zero to the team.

Even Ali Ko had to say, “Leave your personal affairs and get involved in football.”

While playing football in Europe, he came to Turkey and took pictures of drug parties instead of pictures of the Kaaba and mosques.

It was later revealed that the reason for these pictures was a hundred million dollar commercial deal with the Islamist Indonesian government.

And the Janissary band in front of Mesut Ozil’s house.

“Pride of Turkey,” he quipped.

It is true.

Mesut Ozil and his likes are the pride of the new Turkey.

After all, we are not in a position to create new Aziz reforms with this head.

If he comes out, Oziler will come out.

People will also be happy with it.

During the years that the AK Party was in power, it almost never implemented electoral economics.

Regardless of right or wrong, he continued with the same economic policy.

It did no harm.

He displayed similar stances not only in economics but in many other areas as well.

He was not surprised to find out.

However, the party is in the midst of a period of serious electoral economics and electoral investment for the first time.

It explains one-on-one economic commitments and projects that are unlikely to be long-term.

And he embarks on a dangerous adventure.

He is preparing a new amnesty without amnesty.

Hundreds of thousands of convicts will be released before the election in the name of reducing the death penalty, and the crime machines that have been so painstakingly gathered off the streets and at least some of them removed from the public for a time. Due to years of struggle by police and prosecutors, will join us again.

We know from previous amnesties that most of them will commit the same crime again within 3 to 5 years and go back to prison.

What happens in it happens to the rest of society.

It is another matter that the harassers, bullies and members of the organization will be forgiven.

We were talking to a respected lawyer in Turkey the other day.

Right, he said:

“I graduated from law school 40 years ago and since then I have been fighting for justice in my own right. But look, about my choice, I swear to you, I wouldn’t be a lawyer if I knew there would be so many reductions in the death penalty, so many pardons. I will be one who seeks my own law by right. I will have a band of a thousand men. And I shall be happier, and much more prosperous, not to see the law trampled upon.”

What he meant was, “I’ll start a mafia group and run it.”

A state that makes a 40-year-old man possess the law, cannot be called a state of law.

It probably won’t be called a state anytime soon.

When it is understood that no state grows with neptocracy

For years, I’ve been saying that the economy will get better, but once you break it down, there are things that can’t be fixed.

But we could not explain our problem.

There are some people who say they are Ansar Muhajir, who see foreheads in prostration, and who are still trying to prove that they are not wise.

About 8 million invaders who entered Turkey, who are unknown, the biggest problem of Turkey’s survival, we become fascists.

I say that we cannot be a haven for millions of Syrians, millions of Afghans, Syrian and Egyptian Sharia and terrorists.

No one is listening to us.

And finally Deutsche Welle told us where we were going

As DW reports, an ISIS member imprisoned in Turkey, or what our government says, a member of Daesh, sang the song.

He explained the plan.

The terrorist organization hid thousands of weapons, which they brought from Syria to Turkey, buried in the ground in our border province.

Then, he gradually moved them to 6 cities, especially Istanbul, and built a pile.

What ISIS terrorists said, were stored underground in these cities and distributed to militants if the organization saw fit and would launch a movement in Turkey.

Add to this plan ISIS terrorists among the 8 million so-called asylum seekers in Turkey, whose number we do not know, but it is possible that there are many more Afghans who can carry guns.

Put the various Islamist terrorist organizations that have been on the agenda for a long time, but whose existence has been registered in Idlib, right under our noses, at the border and their militants, who number in the tens of thousands.

Get an absolute nightmare.

Number Ten “Permanent Problems”

In addition to this, a delegation including a Taliban representative formed a committee in Diyarbakir and called for Sharia in Turkey. The Constitution is being openly trampled upon.

You see, the US doesn’t create puppets to our south and huge bases to our west for nothing. Nobody knows what ISIS will do tomorrow better than the US, right?

On the other hand, we have settled thousands of militants from perhaps the most dangerous organizations in our big cities, paid them and even provided free healthcare.

On the other hand, we are proud that 19 PKK members remained within the country’s borders.

I don’t know how many PKK members are left, but if the ISIS genie ever comes out of the bottle…

We search for PKK or something with a candle.


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