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Period Confessions at Fenerbahce and Words at Galatasaray from Tolga Cigarsi: I Had My Best Time With Him

Date Created: October 17, 2022 12:49

Ankaragücü’s team captain, Tolga Ciğerci, who briefly wore the jerseys of Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Başakşehir, made a special statement in the sports arena.


After being released by Başakşehir, Tolga Ciğerci, who was inactive for a long time and then signed a contract with Ankaragücü, reached the statistics of 3 assists – 1 goal in just five weeks and was again selected for the national team.

Tolga Cigerci, who scored the first goal against Beşiktaş’s former team Başakşehir, who went on the field in 11 and provided 2 assists and did not concede a goal in the league, gave an exclusive interview to Spor Arena.

Ciğerci also spoke about his goals in Ankaragücü, assessing the teachers he worked with during his Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Başakşehir days.

“We will develop and get good results with Ankaraguku”

“I prepared for the season by studying separately,” said Tolga Sigerci, who said he prepared for the Super League at the start of the season without a camp deadline. I think I showed that on the field as well. It all started well for me. The important thing is to succeed with the team. We came to the group at the same time as our teacher Omer Erdoğan. Our coach has contributed a lot to the team. We are trying to get better every day. I think there has been progress in the last 4-5 weeks, but we still have a lot to improve,” he said.


Indicating that they want to improve every day and get good results, Sigerci said that Ankaragucu has just entered the Super League and there are big changes in the squad. The 30-year-old veteran midfielder said, “Ankaraguchu has a great community and incredible fans. I am very happy to be here. Ankaragucu, unfortunately, did not start the season well. Now we are trying to recover slowly. It won’t be easy because the opponents we play against are strong. Since Sivasspor defeated Basakehir last week, there are surprising results in the league. The World Cup is five weeks away. That’s why we want to go through the matches leading up to the World Cup in the best possible way. We will try to get as many points as possible. After that, we will reevaluate everything,” he said.

“I think we will be better with the national team”

Speaking about our national football team’s struggles in the UEFA Nations League, Tolga Sigerci said, “Our brothers who were called up to the national team are trying to give their best. Our last camp period and our two matches didn’t go the way we wanted. But when we look back, there were times when we were 4 out of 4 in the UEFA Nations League,” he said.


Sigersi continued:

“We have many younger brothers who play in big clubs. I think we will be better. Club and national team events are separate. Sometimes it takes time. There is a short break when it comes to the national team. One should try to make the best out of it. I think very good days are waiting for our future. I hope we all succeed together.”

The 30-year-old national player, who began his adventure in Turkey with a move from Hertha Berlin to Galatasaray in 2016-2017, also made a statement about his time in the yellow-red team.

Noting that he worked with Jan Olde Rickerink, Igor Tudor and Fatih Terim at Galatasaray, Sigerci said, “These three coaches I worked with had something different. I think they are all good teachers. They wouldn’t have come to Galatasaray if they weren’t good. We know the trophies and success of Fatih Terim at Galatasaray. I had the privilege of working with Fatih Terim in the national team. The Igor Tudor period was my best period at Galatasaray. “I didn’t play the position I wanted to in the Tudor era, but I had a good time with our team because he believed in me and let me out on the field,” he said.


“Fenerbahçe didn’t have an easy season during that period”

Having moved from Galatasaray to Fenerbahce in the 2018–2019 season, Tolga Sigerci insisted that he did not have the chance to work much with coaches Filip Kokou and Erwin Koeman due to the injuries he suffered at Fenerbahce. Noting that Fenerbahce did not have an easy season during the Filip Koko era, the successful player said, “It is not easy to work with this pressure because the goals are big. Everyone tried their best at that time. I think that Errol Bulut did well at Fenerbahce. He was a good teacher who believed in me. Unfortunately, when results don’t go well in football, sometimes things change.


“Emre Belozoglu will make a great contribution to Turkish football”

Speaking about his time playing Başakşehir, Tolga Ciğerci said, “Aykut Kocaman is a quality coach whom I love very much. Aykut Kocaman may have joined Başakşehir at the wrong time. We were working well as a team, but at that time the results were not what we wanted. At that time, Başakşehir administration was going to continue with Aykut teacher, but he decided to resign.”

Noting that they started well and finished well in the league that season with Emre Belozolu, Sigerci finally said:

“After Aykut Kocaman, our coach Emre Belozolu took charge of the team. We started the league well and finished well with Emre. We then prepared ourselves for Europe. I believe that Emre Belozoglu will make a great contribution to Turkish football. Along with Omer Erdogan, Emre Belozoglu is one of the best professors I have worked with. He tries to do his work to the smallest detail and tries to teach us this. I am very fortunate to work with these teachers.”


Aaron Tekin Special interview

Eyüpspor’s successful goalkeeper Harun Tekin, who is at the helm of the Spor Toto 1st League, was a guest on the Spor Arena YouTube channel. Speaking about the atmosphere at the club and his belief in the championship, veteran Dastana also talked about rivalries with Bursaspor, Fenerbahce, Altay Beindir and Ugarkan Chakir, and the similarity in name with Mor Ve Otesi’s Harun Tekin.

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